Fil-Am TJ Cox leads in U.S. Congress race

Finally, a new Fil-Am congressman from California? TJ Cox has a Pinay mom. Stay tuned!

Democrat TJ Cox, a Filipino-American, takes the lead by 438 votes over Representative David Valadao in California’s 21st congressional district.

In a dramatic turn of events from election night when Valadao was leading by almost 4,400 votes, Cox overtakes him with 55,650 votes to Valadao’s 52,212. This is definitely a big boost for Democrats who have posted a record of wins in the state.

If Cox wins, Democrats will have at least 46 of California’s 53 House seats in the new Congress.

The latest result is a big blow to Republicans especially since they thought Valadao would continue to lead for the win that even the Associated Press (AP) projected that Valadao was on his way to victory. On Monday night, however, when the figures changed direction, AP retracted its race call after Cox took the lead.

According to an article that appeared in the Washington Post, several Republican strategists in California said that President Donald Trump accelerated their losses every time he talked about the caravan and birthright citizenship.

Said Dan Schnur, professor at the University of Southern California Annenberg School of Communication: “Every time Donald Trump talked about the caravan or birthright citizenship, he drove thousands of economically successful, well-educated suburban women into the arms of Democratic congressional candidates.”

He added: “He got red states and rural voters to expand the Republican Senate majority in exchange for giving away large numbers of suburban voters who elected a Democratic House.”

He summed up: “California was simply collateral damage”

At this writing, the California Secretary of State declares the congressional race between Cox and Valadao a “close contest” with thousands more ballots left to be counted in CA-21.

But who is TJ Cox really?

TJ Cox is an engineer and a businessman whose passion is community development. He is a native Californian and the son of immigrants — Chinese/European Kenneth Cox and Filipino Perla De Castro — who taught him the importance of hard work, personal integrity, and fighting for what’s right.

After working his way through college, TJ spent a decade in engineering and construction across the globe.  Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity in Fresno led him to create the Central Valley Fund, which raises money for projects located in economically-disadvantaged neighborhoods throughout the Central Valley.

Starting from scratch in 2010, the Central Valley Fund now has raised and invested more than $65 million to build health clinics, job-training centers, affordable housing, and clean energy plants. These projects have created more than 1,500 well-paying jobs and have brought health care to over 40,000 Central Valley residents.

If elected in Congress, TJ will continue to create high-paying jobs in health care, agriculture, and other industries.  He will work to foster new agricultural businesses, create innovative farming techniques, fight for fair trade deals, and invest in job training.

A father of four, TJ will always fight to get real results for the community – results that give hard-working families the opportunity to succeed. That means affordable, quality health care for all, protecting Medicare and Social Security, supporting education, and implementing an immigration policy that works for everyone.(igc/PNews)