Filipina candidate for Seattle Port Commissioner visits BayArea

On July 19, 2017, Frontier Tech Talk is holding its firstpanel discussion of the summer, Driving Innovation and Reach.  This one is about the space race.  The event will take place from 6pm to8:30pm at the Burlingame offices of law firm Carr-McClellan at 216 ParkRoad.  For tickets, please go to do an internet search for “Frontier Tech Talk July 19”.  Philippine-focused STAC, short forScience and Technology Advisory Council, and Carr-McClellan are co-sponsoringthe event.
The guest speakers include Bea Querido-Rico and EmelinePaat-Dahlstrom.  Of course, I haveto mention this detail:  both Beaand Emeline are Filipinas.
Paat-Dahlstrom, flying back to the Bay Area from her currentbase in New Zealand, has been active in the space-focused start up world,consulting and working for startups involved in developing commercial transportto the Moon.  She will speak abouther efforts in engaging emerging countries in space.
Querido-Rico is an engineer by training and served mostrecently as program manager for the Port of Seattle, having worked previously atBoeing and Lockheed Martin, among other places.  She received a Masters from the MIT-Zaragoza InternationalLogistics Program.  Querido-Ricoleft her position at the Port of Seattle in May of 2017 to run for the positionof Port Commissioner.
What does the Port of Seattle do, you may wonder.  On those rare Seattle days when heavyprecipitation is not obscuring your vision (or spirits), you may notice thevast corrugated coastline in and around the city, home to harbors and ports,marinas and fishermens’ terminals.The Port of Seattle runs these as well as the Seattle-TacomaInternational Airport.  There is agap, so goes the argument from parties close to the candidate, between thePort’s current development efforts and the local aerospace industry that is1300 strong in the Seattle area. Querido-Rico proposes to bridge this gapbetween the government’s imagination and the vision of private industry.  She has begun to gain support from spaceventure capitalists as a result.
Work on space-focused businesses has been underway for quitesome time.  Indeed, Elon Musk’sSpaceX, with its ambitions of putting man on Mars, has been busy launchingsatellites into orbit, a more practical pursuit it doesn’t advertise.  However, impediments to prolific space travelstill exist.  Shocking, right?  Not the least issue is radiationpoisoning.  Without the protectiongiven to us by the Earth’s atmosphere, prolonged exposure to the Sun’s rays onthe Moon or Mars may result in radiation exposure that has not yet beenunderstood.  The same is true forrepeated trips to and from these destinations.  Another issue is the long-term effects of zero gravity, whichcan deteriorate muscle mass and bone density.
None of these would be deal killers, though, not forme.  If presented with anopportunity to visit the Moon on a short trip, particularly if I’mallowed to bring my pogo stick, I would sign the waiver.  Hopefully, these matters and more willbe covered on Wednesday.  So pleaseget your tickets and please support Bea Querido-Rico in her politicalambitions.  We don’t have enoughFilipinos in office in the United States.We really don’t.
Querido-Rico’s web page is and she has acrowdfunding website at  I just made a donation and the websitegave me this link to share  To quote Lin-Manuel Miranda, a thing Ido in almost every column, “leave it to the immigrants, they’ll get the jobdone.”