Filipino health care owners face human trafficking, labor abuse and firearms case in California

Suspects in the alleged care centers crimes are the Gamos family members Joshua Gamos, Noel Gamos, CarlinaGamos and GerlenGamos. (photo by California State Attorney General Office)
Assault weapons allegedly illegally possessed in Rainbow Bright care centers. (Photo: Evan Sernoffsky)

Fifty-nine counts of human trafficking, rape and labor abuse is being faced by a Filipino family of four that owns and operates child and senior care center and facilities in Pacifica, South San Francisco and Daly City.

The family of Joshua, Noel, Gerlen and CarlinaGamos, owners of Rainbow Bright Care Centers, were arrested, charged and  is also being held on a combined $9 million bail and may also face additional charges for allegedly illegally possessing and hiding some fourteen assorted high powered assault weapons in one of their child care facilities

The weapons confiscated at the Rainbow Bright care centers in some Bay Area cities were shown by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra (center) and other law enforcement officials. (Photo: Evan Sernoffsky/ The Chronicle)

Rainbow Bright is sad to operate four adult care facilities and two child care facilities in South San Francisco, Daly City and Pacifica.

The discovery of the alleged crimes and the subsequent arrests of the suspects was a result of an intensive yearlong operation undertaken by the California Attorney General’s Office Tax Recovery and Criminal Enforcement Task Force under California Attorney General Xavier Becerra who also announced that among the criminal charges against the suspects are three counts of rape, twenty six counts of grand theft that approximately amounts to $8.5 million and eight counts of human trafficking.

Becerra added that his office first got in touch with some of the victims that were instrumental in shedding light on what happened in the care centers. Their office already has identified hundreds of victims but expect more to come out in the coming days.

Victims, most of whom are newly immigrated Filipinos, were allegedly threatened to being reported with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents even after suspects forced them to work nearly 24 hours a day.

They were also made to sleep on floors in garages in the homes that also operated as daycare facilities and were locked outside sometimes in the rain when the owners were not home.

Aside from being prevented from quitting their jobs by threatening to turn them into immigration officials, workers had their passports taken from them and some were even raped.

As this developed, Becerra advised victims to report whenever they are abused for “we will not turn a blind eye to abusive labor practices, investigate and prosecute.

6Beds, Inc. banner shows what the organizations what theo organizations is and what it stands for.

In a statement, officials of 6Beds Inc., professional organization that represents small licensed homes serving adults in ARF (Adult Residential Facilities) and elderly in RCFEs (Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly) throughout California expressed horror and repulsion “we felt reading about the charges against six Bay Area adult and child care residential facilities. Our hearts go out to all individuals, and their families, affected by this tragic, inhuman crime.”

Dorie Paniza RCFE & ARF Operator 6Beds Norcal, President Ron Simpson, PhD RCFE Operator 6Beds Socal President and Director and Gina Wasdyke, MBA ARF Operator 6Beds Founder and Director reminded that these homes are run by individuals devoted to improving the quality of life for all their residents, with caregivers who love, bond with and respect these residents and that they respect and value their caregivers who help them care for their residents.

“For the past four years, 6beds worked with the Department of Labor (DOL) and Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) to educate the residential care providers in our industry. In fact, we are having two events on Labor Compliance with the DOL and DLSE as presenters on October 8 in San Jose (Norcal) and October 22 in Brea (Socal),” Paniza emphasized. “On behalf of all of them, and 6Beds, Inc., I express the shock we feel that such abhorrent events could happen in a licensed residential facility. It, in no way, represents who we are and what we stand for.”