FLOWER OFFERING: a language for miracle

In this age of high definition, faith and the mysteries have been consigned to a bleak corner. Advanced technology has taken over beliefs and reconfigured the entire landscape of man’s concern for being. Man has eventually discovered that artificial intelligence can already replace manpower, reformulate man-hours and even replace the essence of humanity. But that is only on the surface. In the face of man’s overarching concern for machinery, there is one area which proficiency cannot overcome. And this is what has been observed as “luck”, “chance”, “providence”, “fate” or what the religious would oftentimes express faced with something that cannot be defined, not even science or technology can pronounce, the term “miracle.”

Let me explain what my understanding about this sacred term “miracle”. It has been said that prayers are for the gods to respond, and normally, man reacts or awaits the response in the form of a miracle. That has often been what faith has taught us. That has often been what our religious education has given us by way of explanation. That has often been what our elders have inculcated in us. But miracles are seldom shown. It is a phenomenon and it is never something as expected. And so, we pray expecting some miracles to happen, only to realize that we face the same concern as if we have not made any worshipful plea. But is there a way to seek miracle in a way that it could be expressed as a response, assuming that prayers, well some prayers, are still incapable of pushing for it.

Actually, there is a language which miracle can be goaded to happen. It is not a contraption of Latin expressions. It is not through physical means, as in extreme sacrifice. It is not even a change in one’s belief system. It is more on the outward manifestation of the person. It is in his action, more than his thoughts and intentions that matters most. Let me be a little sanguine. Pluck some flowers, place it in a vase or just wrap it, then without fanfare, or on your own, offer it on the altar and let it go. No need to mention anything because the universe knows what you want anyway. No need to plead since your demeanor says it all. Chances are what you need will be granted. Thereupon, you will express that there is some miracle that happen, no matter how trivial it is.

I have a few instances to narrate to buttress my simple theory. Actually, these are real cases. I just don’t know if it is directly the result or it is merely coincidental but here is all what I have noted. I have to forget molecular physics for a while.  Case number one. I was fixing my living room. I thought that I should showcase my sculpture of a spiritual icon. I made an altar and placed all my parent’s mementoes on the corner table. And then I bought some fresh flowers for the effects. At that time, I was having a difficult time in my career since I was always in the freezer figuratively speaking. I was never a team player whenever my superior would play something irregular. I was never a part and I would never be a part of something unfortunate even if it would cost my integrity or career. If I would be summoned back to my command as prison officer, well and good, if not, then let it be. A week of offering flowers showed something wholesome. I was given back my command and things favorably happened. As to why, I still don’t know.

Then a relative whom I have assisted for quite some time was depressed for failing a board exam. He was so depressed that he left my camp and went back to his province to repair his broken heart. I required him to return and do some errands for me instead. During the course, I compelled him to offer flowers to my altar. He would do it regularly and as soon as the first petal of the flower would wither, he would go around looking for flowering plants and having found only a few, decided to buy it from the nearby flower shops in the market place. He obeyed my insinuations since it is a command. Then I obliged him to take the board exam again. This time he passed.

A retired officer volunteered to stay with me for a while after his retirement from the service. He has received quite a sum and with this, he bought a hand-me down vintage stainless vehicle. He wanted to have an enterprise using the vehicle to transport his products. His vehicle however would be very expensive to maintain. The cost of repair was too much for whatever revenues he could gain from its use. He dumped the vehicle and pasted it with a poster with inscription of For Sale. The vehicle was displayed for months without anyone bothering to inquire. Frustrated, my retired friend had it repaired, and drove it back to his residence. Again, there were no takers until finally, the vehicle was stuck and it was no longer a good copy for a vehicle for sale. Moss grew over its hood and the entire sidings were almost covered with dust and dirt. The poor fellow reported back to me, his shoulder stooped and everything that he would utter was complaints and grievances. He was a luckless person and he would rather not try anything, fearful of getting misfortune. He would rather stick with me and be contented with morsels than attempting to dream some prosperous considerations. I asked him to do what my relative has been doing. That he should get some flowers to offer it to his altar or to my altar. Just offer the flower and then it’s through. He has not completed the bi monthly cycle in offering flowers when I was informed that my friend left hastily because someone has taken interest in buying his junked vehicle. He got his capital back.

Over at the penal colony where I was assigned, I was met with some friends especially those who have shown loyalty during my first and second term in said facility. That time, the fellow was having a bad time. He was oftentimes rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment. His internal organs were in disarray, his heart and blood pressure nowhere within normalcy and his body is diabetic. He has surrendered himself and even projected that he may not be able to live through in a year’s time and worst, would never attain retirement, which was only up for a few months. I convinced him to collect and offer flowers to the chapel or to his altar, if he has any. Loyalty to me dictated him to follow my instructions more than anything else. A few weeks later, after undergoing his usual medical examination, his doctors confirmed that he is on the road to recovery. My loyal officer friend retired and he is hale and healthy as ever.

From these instances, I felt that the language understood by universe to exact a miracle can only be conducted through the offering of flowers. I have yet to feel and see things otherwise.  Try it.