From worse to worst to…what?

It is hard to imagine President Donald Trump having a worse week than the one he had three weeks ago. This was when he was hit by a double whammy of his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort being found guilty of financial fraud at about the same time that his former lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to tax evasion, unlawful campaign contributions, and falsifying bank records.

But what may be the worst week ever in his less than two-year-old presidency occurred in the week just passed. It is hard, almost impossible, for anything to top the two hard strikes that stunned the Trump presidency following revelations from the book – Fear: Trump in the White House — to be released this week that was written by arguably the country’s best investigative reporter, Bob Woodward, followed up by the New York Times op-ed written by an anonymous senior administration official showing just how chaotic a state the Oval Office is in now.

It is impossible to fathom how stressful the situation must be for all the men and women working in close proximity to a president under such overwhelming pressure. Already there has been growing talk of fear and paranoia reigning in the White House, which the president has described as a “smooth running machine.”

It is not. At the onset, it was clear that Mr. Trump would run the White House the same way he ran his various business enterprises, some of which succeeded spectacularly and some of which failed miserably.

His management style was under question as running a business empire is far different from heading the country. This we all found out in the weeks and months since he assumed the presidency. While he may have had some measure of success as chief executive of the nation, he has also had massive failures.

The earliest warning sign was the unusually fast turnover of men and women whom he had recruited to be part of his administration. There were whispers that grew louder and louder that the president was in over his head.

The book and the op-ed piece merely confirmed what many already knew.

Mr. Trump is reportedly so upset that he wants to ferret out the mole who wrote the damaging piece and throw the book at him or her. As such, he has engaged in some sort of witch hunt to find out who wrote the damaging piece.

Obviously, Mr. Trump is so focused on finding the culprit that he may be forgetting that he has more pressing matters that need to be addressed.

The day-to-day business of keeping the country safe and the economy marching forward has to go on.

His fellow Republicans are also concerned about the party’s fate with the mid-term elections just two months away.

Ultimately, Mr. Trump’s presidency will be judged by the electorate in November. He has become the central issue, which should not be the case. But it is what it is and if the downward spiral continues, the 45th president of the US may follow in the footsteps of the 37th.

We all know what happened to Richard Nixon, don’t we?