Genise Elly Sarino: The Genesis of a Young Talent

Text and Photo:  Vics Magsaysay

“Why this name for your youngest?  I am pretty sure it has never ranked among the top 1,000 names in America,” I asked Donn, out of curiosity.

Donn Sarino, father of the 12-year old singer Genise Elly Sarino answered: “I thought of ‘Genesis,’ the title of the first book of the Old Testament, for my daughter’s name.”

Genesis also means beginning or development.

Genise is starting to become visible in the Filipino American community in Los Angeles. Like a star that begins to shine after the sun has set, her presence and talent have become more and more noticeable to many in her stellar performances.

Just a year shy off teen year, her spectacular rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” during the opening of  “A New Beginning: Art of Spring,” a floral art exhibit at the Filipino Cultural Center in the Historic Filipinotown of Los Angeles, last April, immensely impressed the attendees of the event.

Recently, she rendered a couple of songs at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, California, during the last leg of the United States and Canada concert tour of the celebrated singer, Sharon Cuneta – that was the time when fans waited for hours due to the flight delay the performer has had. Despite the foible, Filipino American actor Reggie Lee reported: “Sharon stepped onstage at the Alex Theatre directly from the airport a little later than 10 p.m. with nothing but a sense of humor, a glorious voice, and a whole lotta love for her fans.”

The young Aquarian lady started singing at a very tender age of two. Her mom, Ederline Sarino, narrates: “Genise’s nanny was a good singer – singing mostly hymns in her congregation. She was most likely very influential in effectively drawing out the singing potential of my daughter’s passion.” The mother continued, “I love singing, but I think I don’t have that melodious voice like my youngest child has.”

Besides Genise there’s her brother, Gionne, and sister, Gionette – the three “Gs” of the Sarino couple.

The young singer was seven years old when she started singing in public. It was in a recital where she lovingly expressed what her heart has essentially been yearning of.

“I love swimming. I spent at least two hours in the pool when I was at the age of six, and lost steam when I was nine. I love it, but my heart got a yen more for singing. I think singing is more of my passion, so I chose it,” explained Genise.

The parents are all out in support of their talented offspring. They are waltzing her to up the ante of her budding career through continuous singing and acting. The family regularly goes to Melody Maker in Newport Beach where Melanie Andrews, singer, composer – and Janet Jackson’s composer, too – hones Genise’s voice. And to build up her innate talent in acting, Jennifer Ritchie coaches the young lady. Genise has been doing this kind of practice since 2017 and up to the present.

With such supportive parents Genise has, the talented singer is like a fine seed planted on a fertile soil that will eventually blossom in such beauty and splendor.

Too, the diminutive singer has all the makings of a great talent – she feels exhilarated and happy to be in front of a crowd.

As a source of inspiration, she’s mostly riveted to Billie Eilish, an American singer and songwriter. Besides being young – she’s just 17 – she’s unique and talented.

“I particularly love the songs ‘Ocean Eyes, and ‘When the Party’s Over,’ among others,” says Genise with a smile. “As of now, besides singing and acting, I love to play the piano, and the flute, too,” Genise confided. But what surprised this writer was when she said: “As far as my future career is concerned, I have this unrelenting urge to work with kids,” she declared.

As of this writing Genise will be performing at the Alex Theatre this May 26th, as guest singer in “Regine at the Movies,” songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid’s 2019 U.S. Tour. In addition, the young singer will also be onstage at the Veterans Park this June 8th, during the Philippine Independence Day celebration of Carson.

She’s now eyeing up for the “Miss Little Philippines” in an event organized by Lou Razon this August.

True enough, the root of Genise’s name chosen by her father seems providential –

the genesis or moving closer into being of her God-given talent is exponentially developing and evolving: her sparkle, without doubt, would be like that of a diamond after continuous polishing and refinement.


Vics Magsaysay, Ph.D., is a Los Angeles-based writer, fine art nature photographer, painter, graphic designer, “makata” (Pilipino poet} and alternative healer. He also holds a doctorate degree in clinical hypnotherapy.

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