Golden State Warriors sweep NBA Championship series 4-0 to win third crown

Once again, the streets of downtown Oakland littered were with loyal Golden State Warriors fans, some of which came from other states, to celebrate and toast the Warriors who are now fast becoming a dynasty in the NBA.

And among the enthusiastic at times rowdy but ever energetic crowd that again exemplified Strength in Number team motto were Filipinos who themselves are basketball fanatic Warriors diehards most of whom were in the fiesta-like victory parade route in the past victorious years again brining along practically their whole family to experience the joy of victory.
With the eager Filipino fans were the usual enterprising individuals brought out their merchandise that included the usual items like T-shirts, pins, horns, shot glasses, caps, special edition newspapers hotdogs bacondog sandwich, even flowers offering them as souvenir items for sale while some others promoted their products by giving away energy drinks, water and posters emblazoned with the products’ names.
Notable additions to these items though are specially designed yellow and blue-colored Warrior brooms that were being peddled for $20 by someone who himself was swept off his sidewalk makeshift stall by the crowd that came out to see and cheer for the champion team in person.
In the main streets of downtown Oakland was another virtual picnic day and seen in the crowd with a girlfriend, was Frederick Tecson of South San Francisco who would have wanted the Cavaliers to win at least one.

“The Houston Rockets gave them a tighter better series (during the Western Conference series) and whether or not Chris Paul would not have been injured one, may think that they would have had a chance to win the western conference title. Yes they could have own it. But I still think with the way the Warriors played, they would have given them a big challenge and still win the series.” Tecson opined. “I thought that the final MVP was a tossup between Curry and Durant but KD sold him that MVP with the game 3 performance. There’s a good chance that we’re going to be champions in the next years as long as they keep the same core group of players.”

Antoinette Pugeda of Hercules, California but works in an Oakland building with a vantage view of the start of the parade tagged along his 12-year-old son Karl to again feel the electricity of being amongst the crowd.

“I kind of expected the sweep of the Warriors after game 3 because they won by a big margin. I was here also last year when they won the championship and had the victory parade which was fun too. If the team stays intact, I think they will win the championship once again. They play so good together and they have that harmony when they play so I think they can build a dynasty,” Pugeda shared. “Even if they move out of Oakland, I will still follow them when they move to San Francisco because for me they don’t just represent Oakland but the whole Bay Area being the Bay area team. So no matter where they go, I think the fans are going to follow.”

Son Karl, who idolizes Draymond Green for being good and funny with his antics, thought that the championship series would have been a lot tighter if the Houston Rockets played for the championship instead of the Cleveland Cavaliers.
“I think we are going to be champions again next year because there will probably be more switches and the opponent would probably not get use to the changes right away. My favorite player maybe Draymond Green but Javale McGee is my MVP,” quipped Karl.
Sernan Pascua with wife Randee and daughters Alex, Romiel, Catalea, and Czarina of Milpitas again packed their things to reprise their presence in the victory parade in Oakland just like in the first two championships and again the kids were excited to see the Warriors players in person.
“I don’t think the Houston Rockets would have given them a better tighter championship series because if they only had role player swingman forward Andre Iguodala, the Rockets would have been defeated just the same in five games,” Sernan claims with Randee adding that, ”you got to know how important Iguodala is as a player. He would not have been finals MVP for no reason the first time. The games would have been over in five if Iguodala was playing.”
Their daughters favorite player is Steph Curry “who makes us inspired.”

Queen Ojeda and family from Lafayette CA were also in the victory party last year believed that the Warriors would still sweep the championship series no matter who the other team was.
“I think it will still be the same result if the Rockets were the ones they fought in the Finals. It would still be a sweep,” Queen asserts with father Francis nodding. “We know the Warriors can do it and remain a champion in the next years with all their talent. They can take on the other teams no matter what buildup they do. We will be back here next year”
Mother Jocelyn added they are so proud of the Warriors “because they work so hard for their games. We have so much faith in them because of their intensity for the games they play.”
Queen came with Louie Rosales Ojeda and younger brother Reeve who adores Curry but has Kevin Durant as his Most Valuable Player.

Seen inside the BART train after jostling their way back to the BART station were the six Romero siblings of Lila Bohol led by 78-year-old Serino Romero.
Sister Diding Romero, who came to the the 1980s and currently reside in Union City, was happy that she was able to bring her newly-immigrated siblings to the Warriors victory parade
“This was something that I thought my siblings, three brothers and two other sisters who just came from the Philippines and themselves are basketball fanatics, would enjoy very much as a sibling family bonding moment,” Diding intimated. She had to wait at least twenty-five years of waiting for my petition for them bear fruit. “I wanted to share with them the experience of having a champion team being toasted in t victory parade for a team that I believe would be champions for a long time.”
The siblings sat inside the train full of boisterous joyous Warrior fans, some with breath reeking of alcohol, after they witnessed another Warriors victory parade that they still expect to have in the years to come.