Highly-acclaimed Essayist Wilfredo O.Pascual, Jr. Leads Writing Workshop on April 27 under the Aegis of Filipino American Press Club of Los Angeles (established in 1978)

Los Angeles, California. Wilfredo O. Pascual, Jr., twice-recipient of the well-known Palanca Awards, will lead the highly-anticipated Workshop Seminar under the sponsorship of the Filipino American Press Club

(established in 1978) on April 27 from 9:00-5:00, 153 Glendale Boulevard, this city.

The internationally-known writer will conduct a writing workshop on “Personal Essay,” from 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Pre-registration requests and reservations are urged by calling: (818) 203-3137 or by

e-mailing [email protected]

Pascual, Jr., is returning from a series of lectures on Personal Essay Writing held at the University of the Philippines’ Los Banos campus; Polytechnic University, Nueva Ecija, among other schools of

note.  While in his homeland, the lecturer was described as having underscored his energy and dedication in sharing his creative writing prowess with students, professionals and workers in all walks of life eager

to learn the craft of personal essay writing. The globally-recognized Palanca Awards for literature, now on its 69th year is named after businessman and philanthropist Carlos Palanca, Sr.  The award seeks to

cultivate Philippine Literature by providing incentives for writers and serving as a treasury of literary gems. Often known as the gold standard in writing excellence, it is coveted by Filipino writers, young and old

alike. FAPCLA, the four-decade press club organized in 1978 by Filipino journalists who migrated to these shores.  The same organization has pioneered in continuing education seminars, scholarships for

college-bound writers under the banner of “writing excellence,” while in pursuit of their fundraising among the Fil Am community who recognize what members of the younger generation are capable of handling

through their talents.

Among those who continue to promote the cause of FAPCLA are Filipino American journalists: Dr. Lourdes A. Ongkeko; Cecile C. Ochoa; Muni Zano; Dante Ochoa and Carol O. Kimbrough.

Since its inception, the same writing group has motivated  the youth to zero in on their talents as aspirations for college scholarships mount in their midst. Participants include Fil Am 12th graders recommended by their respective schools who have demonstrated their writing skills.  An on-the-spot essay writing process has served as  FAPCLA’s sole yardstick for student competition over time.