On Friday July 27, 2018 members of the IGLESIA NI CRISTO from all over the world will mark it’s 104th anniversary celebration. Someone will probably ask, INC celebrating anniversary all over the world? Well why not? IGLESIA NI CRISTO which traces its humble beginnings from the Philippines, considered as a third world country was established on July 27, 1914 is now in 143 countries and territories and represented by 133 nationalities and races.

As early as July 1968, through their then Executive Minister Brother Felix Y Manalo sent Brother Erano G Manalo, who eventually succeeded him as Executive Minister of the Church the IGLESIA NI CRISTO has set foot in the United States of America in a worship service conducted in Ewa Beach, Hawaii. After a week Brother Erdy, as he is fondly called by the membership of the Church conducted another Worship Service this time in San Francisco, California. This is believed to have ushered and paved the way of the upcoming phenomenal growth of the Church. This week will highlight the celebration of the Church as they celebrate 50 years in the West.


In 2009 and With the passing away of Brother Erdy, he was succeeded by his son Brother Eduardo V Manalo and the Church grew leaps and bounds. From 6 Ecclesiastical Districts In the United States it has now grown to 17 Districts (including  3 in Canada and 1 in Marianas Islands)with over 300 local chapels. It bought 2 towns (1 in South Dakota and 1 in Johnsonville, Connecticut). In his Pastoral Visitation in the next 2 months he is going to officiate and dedicate over 20 new and renovated chapels in the US one of which is the newly constructed 1000 seater Ewa Beach Chapel in Hawaii birthplace of INC in West.


The IGLESIA NI CRISTO holds several official records from Guinness. Some came from their WorldWide Walk conducted in 2014 to help the victims of typhoon Haiyan and recently in May 2018 a World Wide Walk to fight poverty in Africa. Most notable record of which is the Most Number of Locations for a Charity Walk conducted simultaneously in over 350 location all over the world.

Incidentally, they also hold a Guinness record on the largest fireworks performed on New Year’s Eve held at their very own Philippine Arena which in itself holds another Guinness for being the Largest Domed Arena in the world.


To complete the IGLESIA NI CRISTO’s presence in the inhabitable continents of the world, the INC Have established their stronghold in Africa. To date it has 2 Ecclesiastical Districts the Southern Africa District with 20 countries and 12 Countries in Northern Africa District. Take note that in both districts INC has purchased several acres of land for use in Eco-Farming and self sustaining projects to help out alleviate poverty in the said region.

With the dynamic leadership of Brother Eduardo V Manalo the Church has continued to grow. Consulate representatives, Ambassadors as well as Head of States has come to visit the Central Office of Brother Eduardo to render courtesy call and  to thank him for the various community service being conducted by INC members from all over the world.

As we live in these interesting times and as a Filipino I am proud of what the IGLESIA NI CRISTO has achieved. I declare PinoyAko! Proud Ako! I now say the Filipino Church is now a Global Church. Clearly, this is the work of our Almighty God. (don orozco, [email protected])