Invitation to a crisis

There has been much talk lately of a constitutional crisis taking place in the event President Donald Trump decides to fire either Attorney General Jeff Sessions or Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

What had seemed a remote chance not too long ago has now become a very real possibility, as even Republicans have considered the possibility of such a crisis taking place.

In the event such a crisis does occur, what follows next is almost a certainty. President Trump will be impeached.

Even if Mr. Trump takes no action against Messrs. Sessions and Mueller, the very real probability that the Democrats will take control of the House and/or Senate after the November midterm elections makes the impeachment scenario possible.

The president knows he is in trouble. He may reject the results of the recent ABC News/Washington Post survey that shows his approval rating sinking to dangerous lows, even as public support for the Mueller investigation is at near record highs. But his party mates do not. Worst of all, the same survey said nearly half of all Americans now favor the initiation of impeachment proceedings against Mr. Trump by Congress.

He may still exhibit that (false) bravado that has become a trademark of his presidency, but Mr. Trump has also indicated signs of serious concern bordering on panic last week when he warned of violence should the Democrats take control of  Congress.

This scare tactic is not new, and may backfire on him and his party in November when voters troop to the polls. Rightly or wrongly, many of the votes to be cast will show the public’s confidence or lack thereof on the Trump presidency.

It does not help that a number of people who were close to Mr. Trump have been charged and even convicted of serious crimes while under his employ. There is, after all, the saying that a man can be judged by the company he keeps.

Hopefully, he no longer surrounds himself by unsavory characters feeding him dangerous counsel which only serves to massage his ego.

This week, a group of Democratic lawmakers warned the president in the strongest language possible that a constitutional crisis will take place once he takes action that he has long been mulling of terminating the AG and the Special Prosecutor.

It is not clear what course of action Mr. Trump will take. Indeed, while he may have a pool of advisers, the ultimate decision will always be his.

What he has made clear again and again is that he does not trust mainstream media, and he heeds no advice except from the pundits at Fox News. He must note that Fox has also reported his declining approval rating, albeit at “friendlier” figures, but which still show that more than half of Americans disapprove of his performance as chief executive.

In the coming weeks, the president is advised to think clearly and tread carefully the now treacherous political waters surrounding him.

As one media organization aptly put it, winter Is coming for the Trump presidency. One wrong step and he will be a goner.