Itama Po Natin

Segment 295

Q:  Will you still help me if I self destruct while in your program?

A:  I wish to let everyone know that our help is unconditional.  We always know that some clients will fall off the wagon at some time during the program and we are used to this.  The right thing to do is not to abandon them but to give them the right help that will set them back on the road to recovery.  If we abandon them, that will make us worst than them so hang in there and we will do the rest.

This week, a client called us complaining that he spoke to the negotiator who informed him that the creditor does not want to give him a discount on his debt as a settlement.  They wanted him to pay the full balance.  The client being so mad, also mentioned that the negotiator was informed by the bank that they found out he applied for another credit card to which his answer was that he only tried.  The creditor felt at this time that the client was in a position to acquire more debts keep paying on them and was not honorable enough to deserve a discount on his debt.  They claim that if he can pay a new credit card then he can pay them 100% too.

I told the client that he was informed not to acquire new credit cards while he was in the program and he violated that.  My explanation to him was somewhat like this, if you slash your wrist and expect us to stop the bleeding but are not able to, is it our fault if we cannot stop it?  Of course not!  We are merely trying to stop the bleeding which you inflicted on yourself.  This is the same as what he did to himself but we are not to blame for his actions.  We can just try to rectify it but if we can’t, I am so sorry.

Ating lesson, Ang taong gustong pasabugin ang kanyang mundo, ay di na dapat magdamay ng ibang tao.

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