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Q:  Was I scammed by a fake check?

A:  To my Kababayans, even I, as watchful as I am still become target for check scammers who are Filipinos.  I had a client from Alberta, Canada call the company and was asking for help with his debts.  He told me he can only pay by check and mailed one.  Days went by he claimed he was in a bad spot financially and cancelled out of the program and wanted a refund.  Knowing this person paid with a check, I told him we had to wait for two weeks to see if the check comes back good.  Now, a true scammer will not let you get him cornered in his own lies so he makes good on the check and waits it out.

He called me saying that the check already cleared his account and as I checked with the bank they say the same.  I mailed him a refund, he deposits it in his account and it should be end of story.  This was only the beginning.

Three weeks later, a bunch of checks tries to clear my business account with all kinds of different amounts with the same check number I sent this client.  Me, being the way I am, I do not leave money in the account I use as a general account.  I leave that with a few hundred dollars which means I have to keep my account reconciled at all times in order to cover all checks.  The bank hits me with multiple NSF charges due to the fake checks trying to clear with no funds.

I called the bank after having realized this and told them that check number has already cleared weeks ago and that these were copies of that check and were obviously fake.  The bank reversed the charges and that was the end of this story.

This is what may have happened.  Someone made copies of the check I mailed and used it multiple times to take cash out.  They must have had a lot of time since they went through all the trouble of cleaning the check so they can write different amounts on it.  The catch here is that they may not get caught right away, but they will eventually make a mistake a land themselves in jail.

Ating lesson, Magtiwala pero mag ingat, dahil ang iba ay salungat.

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