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Q:  What do I do with the information I received?

A:  In all the years I have been sharing valuable information with my reader, there is something I have lacked to emphasize and that is to apply them to their lives.  Any good information when left unused serves no merit when unapplied.  Take for example, that if you have stopped paying your debts, get help right away.  Do not wait until you have received a summons because the solution only gets harder and more expensive if we do so.

Another area that I also emphasize on is to have some money put aside.  Call it emergency fund or savings.  In fact you can call it anything you want but the more important is to have some.  One month is better than zero.  Have at least six months to a year’s worth of savings put aside because we can never ever tell when we will need to use them.

One more thing, spend money wisely.  Save up for things that you want rather than financing them.  It saves you from having to pay interest after interest month after month.  And the bonus is you get the latest model when you are ready to make the purchase.  These offers to buy it now and use your credit is for the banks to make money.  Don’t just hand over money you worked hard for to the bank without a fight.  Use the information I have given so that you can use the money for yourself.

Lastly, don’t be a Diones.  Throwing your money away on expensive items that you cannot really afford can and will get you in big trouble later down the road.  Don’t count what your neighbor has!  They may be in debt and you do not even know.  Take care of yourself first then help others if you have extra.  It feels much better to have given to help others than to spend money on senseless things.

Ating lesson, Malapit na ang pasko, may regalo ka ba sa sarili mo?

If you need help in getting out of debt, call Debt Aid Consulting.  We help with Credit Repair while and after your program.  We do not use call centers which keeps your information safe.  We have a new program that reconstruct debts for half of what you would pay our competitors.  We also provide legal assistance that keeps collectors away.  We take Federal Credit Unions, Payday loans and high interest personal loans in our program too.  This is exclusively available for Debt Aid Consulting clients.  None of our competitors provide this program.  You are well protected.

We only provide Federal Trade Commission compliant programs.  Debt relief companies who charge non refundable upfront fees are in violation of the ban.  Go with Debt Aid Consulting!

Do not fall for marketing gimmicks saying that they have the right program for you.  Most marketing companies only have one program and will enroll you in that program whether it fits you or not.  So beware!

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Itama po natin ang mali!