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Q:  Can Credit Repair fix my problem with ChexSystem for the New Year?

A:  Getting your name in ChexSystem means you have committed a crime so that your name has been blacklisted from opening a bank account.  It can result from as simple as writing an NSF check that was never fixed or multiple frauds that has something to do with banks for example credit cards.

So how long does your name stay in ChexSystem?   It takes 5 years for your name to drop off.  What steps can you take in order to get off if your name ends up in ChexSystems?  Here are some steps you can take to start the New Year right.

  • If you have been denied, request a copy of your report. Being informed makes you more powerful than not knowing.
  • If there are errors, dispute them. Sometimes your name ends up somewhere it should not be due to certain errors.
  • Pay off items that you feel are legit so you can clear your name.
  • Ask creditors to remove certain information that are too old or does not relate to you.
  • Or you can simply wait until everything clears from your record.

Either way, clearing up your name would be the best way to start the New Year.  I wrote in one of my articles about the power of being informed, now you can take action.  Don’t be a sorry victim.  Clear your name!  Happy New Year!

Ating lesson, Bagon taon na naman, itama na yang mga mali na yan!

If you need help in getting out of debt, call Debt Aid Consulting.  We help with Credit Repair while and after your program.  We do not use call centers which keeps your information safe.  We have a new program that reconstruct debts for half of what you would pay our competitors.  We also provide legal assistance that keeps collectors away.  We take Federal Credit Unions, Payday loans and high interest personal loans in our program too.  This is exclusively available for Debt Aid Consulting clients.  None of our competitors provide this program.  You are well protected.

We only provide Federal Trade Commission compliant programs.  Debt relief companies who charge non refundable upfront fees are in violation of the ban.  Go with Debt Aid Consulting!

Do not fall for marketing gimmicks saying that they have the right program for you.  Most marketing companies only have one program and will enroll you in that program whether it fits you or not.  So beware!

Ben Lou at your service!  I have over 30 years of real financial experience.  If you would like sound financial advice, call us at Debt Aid Consulting.  We do not use call centers like Financial Rescue.  No one has the right to put your information at risk.  Say no to LLC corporations in Canada!  Debt Aid Consulting is the first and only Filipino debt restructuring company incorporated in the US and Canada.

Now serving the Caribbean Islands!

Tawag na po sa 1-888-341-5234 at tutulungan po namin kayo.

Itama po natin ang mali!

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