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Q:  I want to go on vacation, should I care about my debts?

A:   In my line of work, I always tell people, you can go on vacation only if you can afford it.  This means if you have money saved up, in cash, you can go on vacation.  The worst scenario is for someone to go on vacation and end up charging everything adding to your now current debts.  The idea is to lower or diminish the debts as time goes by.  A vacation can set you back thousands of dollars.

Let me explain how a vacation did not work out well for a client in our program.  As Christmas was fast approaching, there was a client who bounced her payment to the program.  As it is our duty to inform her that her payment did not go through, she sent us an email stating she was in the Philippines and was vacationing for 3 weeks.  As a reminder, this client was already in debt, already in a program and was already late one year when she entered.  The first week right after her return from vacation into the new year, she received a knock on the door and it was a sheriff who was serving court papers.  She immediately informed us of this and wanted solutions asap.

Let me explain my feeling for this client, she went on vacation and did not inform us she was going.  Then her payment bounced while she was gone, and again did not inform us that she would not have funds for her program payment.  But when a summons came, wanted immediate action.  Is this fair for the people who are working very hard to help her with her debts?  These are debts she apparently did not care for anymore at all and now requires immediate action.  Of course we need to help the client for that is what we are here for.

Ating lesson, Sarap mag bakasyon, pero ito ba ay nasa tamang panahon?

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