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Q:  Does having high debts have anything to do with race?

A:  Unfortunately, race has nothing to do with it.  People with extremely high debts come in all walks of life.  From my lengthy financial experience, I can conclude that looseness from creditors may be one of the sources of increasing unaffordable debt.  It used to be just credit cards but now, even private lenders have joined the game.  From rates going well over 100%!  Sometimes I ask what happened to the law of “Usury”?  When did it stop becoming a crime and become respectable financing?

At the end of the day, it is the borrowers’ attitude about money that make them a victim to these types of loans.  That’s why I say, race has nothing to do with it.

We have clients coming from different races.  Filipinos mostly because that is our market.  But we have attorney partners who refer their clients to us and they come from many different races.  No one is exempt.  Anyone who is strapped for cash will swipe that credit card or take out that loan out, even if it means the end of their world.  It’s too easy that’s why.

So do we now blame the financers of these loans?  Not at all!  I am merely pointing out the fact that it is the need for money that will drive someone to borrow it.  Some knowledge and respect for money will help keep us from high debts but in the end borrowing the money looks like a quick solution.

Ating lesson, Ang utang ay walang pinipili, pag ang tao ay nagipit, sa patalim ay kakapit!

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