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Q:  Can the Limited Power of Attorney that we send out to creditors stop all collection attempts?

A:  This requires some explanation.  The Limited Power of Attorney or LPOA that we send out is a means of communicating with the creditor that you have hired our services in order to establish an amicable settlement for the money owed to them due to hardship.  Yes, hardship is the key to the program.  It is not a means to discount someone’s debts so they can abuse and escape their responsibility in paying the debt in full.  The banks have ways and means to find out if you have full capability of paying your debts in full.

Recently,  we got received a call from a client who was very annoyed because she received a call from a creditor.  She called to demand that we send out the LPOA again to her creditors as they are still calling her.  My assistant reminded her that her that they have legal rights just as much as she does and the right to contact her in order to collect a debt is a right the LPOA does not take away from the creditor or collector.  The client is, however, protected by the law against collection harassment.  A call from a collector does not constitute harassment.  Some client believe that when they have entered a debt relief program,  all collection efforts will stop.  This is not so!  Anyone who claims so is lying in order to secure your business but you will be disappointed when you start getting calls and they explain exactly what I just mentioned.

My role in sending out the LPOA’s is to make them aware that my company is representing the client and is limited to handling their debt situation.  Thus, the word Limited exists.  This LPOA in most cases will manage the collection efforts directed towards the client and most communication will be directed towards my company.

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