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Q:  How long will the wreckage of my past debts stay with me?

A:  Ouch!  The wreck you have created by not paying your bills on time will stay on your credit record for seven years whether you like it or not.  The only way any account showing any delinquencies can be removed is if there are mistakes shown on the report.  According to credit repair companies, this happens a lot but the leg work to get them off or have them correct it is very extensive.  This is how these credit repair companies stay in business.  They invalidate accounts that are erroneously shown on your credit report.

The sad part is if you have truly been delinquent on your bills, it will be a tedious task to undo and an almost impossible one if you ask me.  So how did this happen?  Hard times fall on people at any given time.  This can be caused by others or caused by themselves.  Sometimes other people take advantage of others weaknesses if they lack the knowledge in money matters.  The trick is to always be smart with money.  If you don’t need something, don’t but it.  It causes more headaches once you have spent the money on something you don’t needs rather than hold on to the money.  Cash is king and it always will be!

After the long seven years have passed, you have a way of starting over.  The banks are very forgiving and want you to take out a loan or use their credit cards.  How do you not fall into the credit card trap?  Don’t get one.  But this does not help your credit.  If you apply for one, keep it at one.  No one really needs store cards.  If you have a major credit card, that will get you what you want from the store.  Buy what you can pay for and nothing more.  You worked hard for your money so don’t just hand it over to the bank month after month of interest.  Be financially stable.  Put your money in the bank and make some interest.

Ating lesson, Habang buhay ay may pagkakataon, kahit tayo ay minsang nabaon.

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Do not fall for marketing gimmicks saying that they have the right program for you.  Most marketing companies only have one program and will enroll you in that program whether it fits you or not.  So beware!

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