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Q:  Why should I care how to fix it when I already got the money?

A:  Apparently, there are people who think that a debt program is an easy way out of paying what they owe.  They do not think that the financial institution where they took the loan from deserves the interest on the loan they took out.  Who has this attitude?  A person without morals?  A person who thinks only of themselves?  But who are we to judge someone who  takes out a loan and thinks enrolling in a program so they do not have to pay it back or so desires to pay much less than owe?  Maybe they fell into some hard times and cannot pay the loan back.  Whatever the reason, we have to make an effort of repaying the loan back.  We have to think that others will be paying for my shortcomings by way of higher interest.

Let me explain how a client came to see me in the hopes of repaying what he thinks the lender deserves in his book.  He came to my office not even knowing how to get the information off his phone but was able to make every effort to use his phone to take out the loans.  When we were able to pull out the contracts he signed, he was facing years of paying back every loan he took out.  I asked him if he saw the interest rates which were written in large bold letters on the front page of the loan papers.  He admitted that he did.  So my next question is why did he proceed?  He told me he had no  other way of coming up with money he needed.  So here we were going about what he wanted and not wanted to enroll in the program.  It was unfortunate that I had to tag on the interest he was facing with the loans that he took out.  He immediately showed the disgrace on his face and asked me why he had to pay interest.  I told him that we needed to pay some back unless he had the money to shell up front.   He said he had the money.  Now this made me scratch my head as why this person was trying to get into a debt hardship program and just admitted to me he had the money to pay it back.   He told me he just wanted to pay the principal back.  I told him this is not the way the program works and to his dismay started talking down to me.  I immediately told him I cannot help him with what he wants he decided to leave.

The point of realization for me that this person wanted to get away from his loans as if he borrowed money from a friend did not make sense.  This really ruined my day that there are people who think I would enable anyone in doing their bad deed.

Ating lesson, Ikaw na tinutulungan, di na kailangan ng insultuhan!

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