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Q:  How will you pay for your wedding and yourexisting debts?

A:  What a predicament?  If you truly think about it, people who get married should start off with a clean slate for both the bride and the groom.  When a couple start their lives together they should have zero debts.  When they are put in the mix of any future financial issue, it can become the cause of resentments and arguments that may arise.

I have mentioned before that couples after the wedding are overwhelmed by the love and support from everyone but there is a point of awakening when some of these couples are faced by overwhelming debt from the big party they just had.  In most cases the money coming from relatives are not even close to covering the expenses of the couple for the celebration.  At this point, stress begins in the relationship when they start having a difficult time paying for their debts.

I remember this gentleman who called me trying to borrow money.  I told him my company does not loan money to clients.  I asked him what he needed the money for and he told me he was going back to the Philippines to marry his girlfriend.  I asked him if he did not have money why was he getting married?  He told me that he did have some money but was not enough.  His job cut his hours and he was not able to save enough for the big wedding they were planning.  So now the  question is if someone did loan you the money how can you pay them back?  Your hours at work were cut!  That was an awakening question.

Ating lesson, Si mahal gusto na magpakasal, ako naman ang masasakal!

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