ITAMA PO NATIN Segment 321

Q:  I’m very confused.  Which is the real truth?

A:  We have clients that constantly feed us different stories when they are talking about their debts so us to minimize their role in how they were buried.  For me, the story of how one eventually created a debt hole so deep they cannot get out of it without some help is understandable.  My ears are open and hear them well the first time when they tell me how it happened.  With one client, that really changed my outlook as to why the need to feed three different stories to make me believe how much she needed help and it made me very uneasy.

I have to tell you about a client who has been in the program for about a year.  At first, her story was that she went back to the Philippines when a sheriff left an envelope with her son and had him sign his ledger that he gave it to him.  She sent us the letter and it seemed that the letter was due 3 days ago.  They all sat on the envelope until one day she decided to open it and it was a summons and it was due three days ago.  Maybe that was the reason she made up the story that she was in the Philippines at the time it was delivered.  Not knowing this was the case, I told her that she should fight it and go to court.  Then she told me, she was out of town and not in the Philippines when it was delivered.  Then after a week, she told me she was at work and her husband was the one who signed and received it.  By this time, I was bewildered and confused.  I just told her to go to court and fight it.

It made me stop and think why does someone do this?  It is unfortunate but true.

Ating lesson, Kung nagpapatulong po kayo, mabsabi naman ng totoo.

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