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Q:  Is there life after bad debt?

A:  Does life truly begin at 40?  I guess the answer to a life after bad debt question will depend on a few scenarios.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when your credit report will reflect changes when you fix your bad debts.

  • If you complete a debt relief program. Going through a debt relief program will damage your credit standing if it hasn’t already been due to non payment.  This will stay on your credit report for the next seven years from the date you stopped paying.  Though you can seek credit repair after your program, credit repair can only wash out accounts that have certain anomalies or inaccurate information.  the best way to push this down on your report is to re-establish new revolving credit but make sure not to get carried away.
  • If you filed Bankruptcy Chapter 7. As true as it may seem, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will wipe out any and most unsecured debts from your credit report.  You can include lawsuits, judgments and any debts not listed on your credit report.  If you fail to include any debts and they are not discharged, the creditor can continue to collect on the debt even after the Discharge date from the court.  You may not include student loans and government debts in Chapter 7.  Any debts discharged from your credit report will state that it was discharged through Chapter 7.  Your credit report will also show the date of the Bankruptcy filing and when discharged.  Count 7 years from discharge date before it leaves your credit report. It’s like breaking a mirror.  7 years of bad luck they say.  However, you may be able to re-establish credit a year or two after the Bankruptcy discharge date and you will be able to get subprime loans meaning a bit higher interest.
  • If you filed Bankruptcy Chapter 13. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy will put you on a payment plan for a percentage or the full amount of what you owe depending on how solvent you are.  This means you will have to finish the payment plan set to you by the court before your debts are discharged and then you can start counting 7 years.  The process after the discharge date will be the same as Chapter 7 in order to recover and re-establish credit.

Ating lesson, Kung angbuhay ay weather, weather lang, panonaangbuhaypagkatapos ng utang?

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