Q:  Should I worry about my 3rd creditor lawsuit?

A:  Too many lawsuits while you are in the program can be very disadvantageous for a client.  Why do they keep suing you?  There are some things to keep in mind why a creditor finds it to their advantage to sue.  Remember,  hiring an attorney to do collect on the debt is a very expensive route for the creditor so here are a few things to keep a note of:

  • Do you own a home? The creditors feel that having a home to attach a lien on is a good route to eventually collect on the debt and keep the interests coming.  Though they will not get paid immediately, they can expect that one day you will have to sell or refinance the home and you will have to face them again.
  • Do you have a job? The creditors can go after your wages by means of garnishment.  In most States the maximum is 25% of your disposable earnings. You can check your State as to what the maximum is.  Some States do not allow wage garnishment for their citizens.  It is always good to know what you are faced with.
  • Do you have a bank account? Going after a bank account is always a good way of the creditor recouping money from the debtor by force.  Although they can only take what the judgment has granted them, it puts your bank account on hold and you cannot take out any money until the debt has been paid in full or a release of lien has been submitted to the bank.

Always remember that even if the creditor sues, they need to secure a judgment against you in order to do any of the above.  They cannot go after your assets without winning the case.  Be vigilant, it is your money and your debts involved.  You can control what happens if you know what to do or if you are in a program where experts know what to do.

Ating lesson, Laban kung laban para di tayomagingtalunan!

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