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Q:  Can Black Friday save me money this Christmas?

A:  Define save money!  If you are referring to the discounts being advertised by retailers, you need to be cautious.  Though the retailers may have some items at a discount, some of them may also be priced higher than the normal price.  Bear in mind that though some items may be at a high discount, they also need to make a profit, meaning not all items are priced low.

So, let’s look at it this way.  If you found something that you really, really need at a high discount, and affordable, then by all means, purchase it.  If you don’t mind the long lines and going to war with all the other people looking to buy the same thing you are wanting to purchase.  Sometimes the headache is just not worth it!   Now, if you were going to go on a shopping spree just because it is Black Friday, save the money.  I have said time and time again, we should all develop the same type of enjoyment from saving money, just as much as when we spend it.  It is discipline that takes over.

It is very unfortunate that Black Friday as the start of the holiday season, becomes the start of long road to where people get buried in credit card debts that they cannot pay within the following year of the holidays.  The balances will carry over for years of continues payment, month after month.

Don’t call me a kill joy.  I am the one looking out for you when no one else will.  So let’s do ourselves a favor and spend wisely these holidays.  Your wallet depends on it.

Ating lesson, MagingmarunongngayongPasko para di sumakitangulo.

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