Itamaponatin! Segment 304

Segment 304

Q:  What?!!!  You spent the money for your debts this past black Friday?

A:  This is one of the worst scenarios I have been faced with since I have been settling debts for our clients.  A client who spent the money that we were going to use to settle the debt she received a summons for.  Let me explain.

A client who was in a program with an affiliate received a summons.  While the company was not able to settle the debt, we told her we can.  The company refunded her money and I specifically told her not to spend it as we were going to use it as a down payment for her term settlement payments.  It took about three weeks to settle to an agreeable amount.   We told her we have a settlement in the sixty percent of amount owed and we are just waiting for the settlement stipulation so she can sign it. The settlement was to put the three thousand dollars she received and her payments would be five hundred dollars for 10 months. The unfortunate part is the timing.  Black Friday came before we received the stipulation and we needed her to make the down payment in the amount she received as a refund.

When I spoke to her she told me she went with her friends to go out for black Friday but was not planning on buying anything but the prices were so inviting that she ended up spending half the money.  Then to make it worst, she said she could not afford the five hundred per month.  My question is why did you agree to the stipulation if you cannot afford the monthly term settlement and why did you go with your friends so you ended up putting yourself in a bad situation?  Her answer is “Ayawkongmapahiya”!  I was taken by her answer because she was not embarrassed to tell me what she did but she was embarrassed with her friends if she did not go out with them.  The end of this story is we now have to renegotiate her settlement after it was already done with the first time.  I am not even sure the creditor will agree to a new settlement and just ask for balance in full.

Ating lesson, Talaga bang ayawmapahiya, e di dapatmagpasasa!

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