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Q:  Which debt do I start with?

A:  In most cases people who are buried in debt get overwhelmed first before they figure out which debt to begin with when they want to start paying them off.  Just like everything else these things take time and steps should be taken one step at a time.

If you have a vehicle listed as one of your debts, you must start with that and pay it off as soon as possible.  It is important enough because you cannot get to work without it.

Next, regarding credit cards, choose the ones with high balance and carries high interest with it.   This will consume the most money as you pay them off so this one should go first.  Then as you go down the list in the same order of balance and the interest it carries, more money will go towards the principal rather than interest.  It will take some time but it’s a step in the right direction.

If you own a home, keep paying that like you normally do because long term loans like such will not be sensible to put on top of the list.  It was always meant to be a long term secured loan.

Ating lesson, Angutangna di tinantanan, isangaraw ay matatapos din saangbayaran.

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