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Q:  So what happens to my debts while the Federal Government has been shut down for almost a month now and I haven’t been paid?

A:  I feel you.  This is crunch time and for many it’s time to go into the emergency fund while tightening the belt even more.  This shut down really ruined the holidays for many who work for the Federal government and it almost feel like the American people have been let down.  Many of the Federal functions have suddenly stopped which makes some of the day to day routines become dangerous.  FDA is on limited capacity which means we don’t know if the food we are buying from the groceries has passed inspection and so on.

It is unfortunate that the people of the United States are held hostage between the partisan government whose jobs are to govern.  Not to fight amongst themselves about their self interests.  By the way, these politicians were voted by the people to keep them safe but this is hardly what is happening with the government.

Meanwhile, while all these are in play, what happens to employees who have not received their pay from the Federal government?  Where and how far do you reach down your pocket to pay up what you owe especially if you are living paycheck to paycheck.  It’s time to make some calls.  Unfortunately, not all of your creditors will be willing to work with you but you make the effort to call and ask for a lifeline from each of them.  This is only one of the ways you can hang if you live paycheck to paycheck.

To those who have an emergency fund, you are lucky if this shut down ends in a month for that is all you are going to have to pull out and replenish.  If it goes longer, then you are looking at a lifeline yourself from your creditors so my advice is before you pull from the emergency fund is to call your creditors and see what they can do for you.

Ating lesson, Gobyerno!  Maawanaman kayo samgatao, mali yang patakboninyo!

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