It’s all Barack Obama’s fault, per Trump

The current Trump problems are traced by the country’s new president to his predecessor.
Trump has laid mighty issues on Barack Obama.
He detailed those problematical subjects during a press conference with the visiting King of Jordan.
“I have to say that the world is a mess. I inherited a mess,” Trump emphasized.
“Whether it’s North Korea, the Middle East, it’s so many other things. Whether it’s in our country, horrible trade deals. I inherited a mess. We are going to fix it. We are going to fix it.”
The bottom line of the press conference: whatever bad things are happening right now are traced wholly as Barack Obama’s fault.
While Trump may be on target about the state of the world before he started his presidency in early January, a pressing question remains: how long can he really last, as he attributes his shortcomings on the last administration?
Specifically, Trump has laid the blame on Obama. He stressed on the economy, trade deals, government leaks, protests, and the failure of the health care replacement bill.
The North Korea problem is not new at all. It has been one of the perplexities facing any administration since the Bill Clinton era.
It wasn’t a striking revelation when Obama blamed George W. Bush for not finding the solution to the North Korea troubling question.
George W. Bush did not hesitate to lay the onus on Clinton. He stated how his predecessor crafted a deal with the North Koreans and China which
was ignored eventually.
Obama essentially blamed Bush for a sluggish economy, which he named as a “Great Recession Inheritance,” in nearly every major political speech.
Although the waning economy was at a standstill, Obama did not continue to identify Bush further as the cause.
What became evident even in the early days of the Obama presidency, statistics indicated how monthly unemployment numbers started to change for the better.
Lately, Trump aggressively announced how the country owes him credit for good job numbers and an upswing, stock market-wise, all of which started under Obama. (It has become habitual that the pluses Trump has claimed are not his own; they are traceable to the Obama administration.)
Tension headaches have multiplied in reference to tension abroad. But highly noted in the same press conference was the Trump proclamation: “I now have responsibility, and I will have that responsibility and carry it very proudly.”
The Trump-owned Mar-a-Lago estate has served the president’s purposes as he has met Asian leaders, i.e., Xi Jinping of China at what has been branded the ‘president’s exclusive club in Florida.’
Since then, Trump has served his own interests in holding foreign policy meetings against the backdrop of his description of what observers from the business circles have identified as showing off his for-profit private club.
Yet, the American populace, particularly the independent thinkers, do not need any excuses at all for Trump’s choice as he continues to meet with foreign leaders. It is known that his club is named and known as for-profit private.
The Trump club has indeed become the scene highly scrutinized by diplomats, foreign policy specialists, and the media for certain clues in the Trump leadership
Inevitably, voices of harsh criticism about the use of the Trump property continue to grow stronger.
“Showing off his for-profit private club and crystallizing how he is bent on transforming the American presidency by merging international diplomacy, politics, and free-media marketing for the Trump business empire cannot be denied,” is the consensus.
Additionally, Trump critics describe the Florida club “reeks of a corrupt blending of public power, personal profit, and undue access for wealthy club members.”
Whatever negative reactions emanate from Americans who detest the Trump show of power, are invariably brought to light by the media. And when the latter surfaces, that’s the occasion when Trump’s distaste comes out through repetitive branding of fake media.
Trump should pay close attention to the men whom he immediately appointed as he took office.
Most well-known news reports have named how a civil war rages throughout the Trump administration.
“A civil war between Trump loyalists and establishment-minded Republicans continues to escalate throughout the federal government.”
Interestingly, this space’s writer increasingly believes Trump and his allies are fighting a losing battle and their action can no longer be patched over by Band-Aid protection.
For instance, from the State Department to the Environmental Protection Agency, an intense sharp dividing line has emerged between confirmed cabinet secretaries and those called “handpicked teams of GOP veterans who are in a great rush to take power as Trump campaign staffers, as they call themselves.”
Evidently, in the face of a current atmosphere that undeniably permeates the White House, changes that hope to redound to the average American citizen should be prioritized which has not happened at all.
All questionable reports on the executive department should go through the Ethics Commission and everyone should abide by the outcome to save the United States’ declining position while its criteria on the “first hundred days” have just taken place.