It’s Going To Be a Girl!

This week, the sixth woman declared her candidacy for United States President. While the crop of newly elected officials seems to be playing leapfrog towards the far left, this is leaving everyone else on the political spectrum wondering how we can fulfill our craving for more female representation without giving up on ideals that are not scrambling to choke our future prosperity with a yoke of socialism.


Enter Amy Klobuchar.


She is the candidate who declared this week. She might be more recognized for the stern but respectful cross examination of now sitting Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The decency of the exchange (given the circumstances) seemed like an admirable glimmer of professional respect across party lines and a contrast to the nasty assault on the parts of Senators Kamala Harris and Diane Feinstein, among others.


Unlike the coastline Democrats, from the Northeast’s Elizabeth Warren, to Hawaii’s TulsiGabbard, Klobuchar is from the Heartland and a Democratic President from a less urban area would add some much needed geographic realignment to the two major political parties. The Republican Party shouldn’t be all about farms, guns and oil and the Democratic Party shouldn’t be all about abortion, free healthcare, and runaway taxation. Klobuchar would likely bring the agenda of farmers, for example, to the Democratic platform. Unlike Warren from coastal Massachusetts, Gillibrand from coastal New York, Harris from coastal California, Gabbard from all-coastal Hawaii, Klobuchar brings a deep understanding of life in the flyover states…the lifestyle that we (readers and writers of the Philippine News) are not living.


One of the most disappointing things about the 2016 election, second to the low quality of both candidates, is that we would have to wait for another day to see a woman become President of the United States. Alas, Hillary was not the right first woman. She had questionable ethics and won the nomination of a major party in (potentially) not such a democratic way. This year, we have what appears to be a true Democratic process underway to choose the Democratic nominee for President in 2020.


During the course of my career in the United States, I have faced two extremely male-dominated industries, finance and technology. While there are excuses for why women have not risen through the ranks in the same number (yes, motherhood and career are tough to balance), let me assure you that male bias is alive and well. It was more alive and well 20 years ago, but it still thrives. Worst of all, it festers in that most unreachable place—the subconscious minds of masculine powerbrokers. You cannot argue with someone’s subconscious—you cannot point out what effect their biases have or why they are wrong. But you can show them in more circuitous ways, like electing a woman for president.


As a member of the press and the writer of an opinion piece, I am going to express my opinion now until the 2020 election and give our female presidential candidates thorough coverage just like the feminine press covered me (more than I deserved) during my candidacy. I touched on Klobuchar here but plan to write about all of our female candidates, from the Ivy League graduates to the self-help writers.


We cannot underestimate what benefits a female POTUS will yield just from the unraveling of the perception that a woman can’t sit at the helm. This country needs a female president. If I am accused of identity politics, so be it. This country has been biased the other way for too long.


We don’t know who. We can’t be sure when. But a girl will be running the White House one day. And I will be giving out pink cigars.