Kobe Paras joins mom Jackie Forster’s family shoot

After being estranged from her son Kobe Paras for 12 years, Jackie Forster finally had a family photo that included her youngest with ex-husband Benjie Paras.

On Instagram, she posted a behind-the-scene shot, which was taken at The Concept Room Studio recently.

Her caption read: “Good morning #bts from @theconceptroomstudio with my brood! @_kokoparas @jared_therockstar @caleighsimone #yohandsomef

“Yes I’m pro #bodyconfidence #loveyourbody #mombod”

Noticeably absent was her eldest Andre.

But even if all her children were not at the shoot, she still considered the moment a dream come true.

She wrote, “This was once just a ‘dream sequence’ for me, yesterday it was my reality. I tried to savor every minute while keeping everyone on track and organized.

“While one of my babies wasn’t able to make time, the other one was there.. so what do I do? Focus on all these beautiful kids infront of me, right? Right.

“Keeping my eyes on the Lord, while I patiently wait on His time to make ALL things right.”

What’s important was that she and her panganay are okay.

“One thing I know for sure is that Andre loves me. That’s enough for me at the moment. That’s more than what I had not so long ago.

“This mama is keeping it positive. A grateful heart is a blessed heart.”

Meanwhile, Kobe posted a photo of him and his three-year-old brother Yohan. His brief caption was: “we good for life, lil bro”

There was also a shot of Kobe and younger sis Caleigh. How cute!