Kris Aquino takes legal action because of ‘financial abuse and betrayal

Kris Aquino Filipino Journal

Just days after Kris Aquino and her children arrived home from a wellness vacation in Hawaii, the Queen of All Media took to her Instagram (IG) and posted a long revelation that left netizens puzzled.

On September 22, she said on her IG post:

“My armor is the TRUTH substantiated in part by KCAP credit card billings (the irony of which is that KCAP is a SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP company and Kristina C. Aquino herself never once used the credit card).

“Now let me tell you my story. If you follow me on IG you know I’ve barely posted new pictures of me… July 27 when a Medical Evacuation plane  flew me home, my health hasn’t been good, most likely that was already my woman’s intuition warning me.

She revealed that her sisters didn’t want her to grace the movie premiere of Crazy Rich Asians where she played the character of Princess Intan.

“My sisters didn’t want me to fly to the Crazy Rich Asians Hollywood premiere. BUT I pleaded my case… we flew to Hawaii for me to get healthier while my auditing team did their due diligence because I saw some red flags.

Based on her post, Kris said she discovered some “financial abuse & betrayal” with her Kris Cojuangco Aquino Productions (KCAP) operations. She also revealed her intentions in the 2019 senatorial elections.

She said, “I’ve taken pride in my professionalism, my 100% honesty about financial dealings, and my total respect for endorsement contracts.

“Direchonaalamkongpumalpakako in the past sa personal life so bumabawiako ng bonggasatrabahoko at sapagsusumikapnamagingmabutingina. Because of this ALLOW ME TO FIRMLY SAY THAT I WON’T SEEK ANY NATIONAL ELECTIVE POST IN 2019. I am the only parent providing for the financial & emotional well being of Kuya Josh who has special needs, and Bimb who is only 11 years old.

“HINDI PO AKO TATAKBO PARA SA SENADO IN 2019. It is unfair to my cousin @bamaquino that in this Pulse Asia poll an Aquino who has stated many times that SHE won’t run for the senate in 2019 had to be included…

Kris also apologized to her many endorsements and brand partners because she was “struggling to again find her inner WARRIOR.”

“Today we uploaded the @samsungphwebisode& I want to express my gratitude to them for recognizing my values & honesty. Heartfelt gratitude also to my @chowkingph family for delaying our TVC shoot scheduled for tomorrow until i’m in better health.

“In the 6 weeks that I quietly suffered because of financial abuse & betrayal, the stress, inability to eat & sleep properly caused my weight to go down to under 54 kilos.

“I apologize to all my endorsements & brand partners for paying the price of a Kris Aquino struggling to again find her inner WARRIOR.

“I have asked both Atty Sig Fortun&Atty Florin Hilbay to take charge of my legal team for me to get the JUSTICE I deserve. (My bloodworks from yesterday had good WBC count, waiting for my thyroid antibodies results.)”

Kris, however, did not mention how she suffered financial abuse and who betrayed her trust.—idgc