Kris denies threatening Korina, others


After admitting on Tuesday it was indeed her voice in the viral audio recording threatening the life of her then-business manager and now-arch enemy NickoFalcis, multimedia star Kris Aquino denied she did the same to news personalities Korina Sanchez and Ricky Lo, entertainer and former Duterte appointee Margaux “Mocha” Uson, motoring writer-TV host James Deakin and ex-husband James Yap.

Kris Aquino. File photo

In the recording release by Falcis, an enraged Aquino was heard screaming,““WagkanangbumaliksaPilipinas, nadinigmo…Papapatayka ng pamilyako… Dare to step in this country, and you will be dead.”

To explain her side of the story, Aquino posted the following statement on Instagram on Tuesday, claiming, “Alamnamannyabinubwisitkolangang life niya that Sept. 27,” saying she could not have been serious about any threats especially since she was not in good terms with her brother, former president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino 3rd, at the time, and that her “meek and mild, simple, super prayerful sisters” can never harm anyone.

“‘Wag namanbiluginangutak ng tao. You and I know that was a bluff provoked by anger and fear because of my awful health diagnosis,” she added.

Aquino declared that Falcis’ belated denial of guilt and revelations on social media as the intimidated party were being used for motivations.

“Sadly, this has been one badly orchestrated demolition job being funded by personalities out for political revenge,” she said.

Hours after her post, Falcis lashed out on Aquino and accused her of threatening several personalities before him.

“I thought you’re a professional, but all you are is a spoiled girl who can’t deal with rejection and abandonment. All throughout this traumatic experience, I still ensured I protect our businesses and stakeholders first and foremost, but you just threw it all out just so you can be the bully and brat even in business. You can’t handle even the best out of any relationships,” began his own Instagram post.

“How can I steal credit card purchases or even investments, which everybody knows are all intact and running? You used on me your usual tactics of money and power to threaten the people who go against you — I saw it all, Korina, Ricky Lo, Mocha, James (Deakin and Yap), etc.”

‘Fine’ with Korina Sanchez, James Deakin

Aquino immediately went live on Facebook and Instagram to deny Falcis’ allegations.

“Hindi kokailangan ng kakampi, kung sino-sinong names angdinadamay mo. Diretsyahanna, kanino bang idea yungmang-away ng ibangtao? Sa’yoyun ‘di ba? Kasihindinamannaminyun style eh. All through the years, nandamaybaako ng iba? Lahat ng away kodiretsoako lang. Ikawang may idea niyan.

“And let me clarify this. I was in contact with the family of… I’ve always said this, baptismal ninangkoang Mommy ni Mar Roxas, so kausapkoyung first cousin ni Mar, and we are fine. So do not try that,” she said.

Mar Roxas is former senator Manuel Roxas 2nd, Korina’s husband.

“James Deakin reached out to me, I gave very solid answers because unlike you, I don’t shy away. Hindi akoduwag, kahitmamamatayna, kahititoyungmga [medical] results, hinaharapkolahat ng accusations. And I said, I answered direct to the point… Again unlike you, napaligoy-ligoy, nadinadalaangmgahindikayangharapingmgakasalanan.”

‘Pawn of people in power’

On Wednesday, Falcis returned to Instagram and responded to Aquino’s remarks on Facebook and Instagram Live.

“On our family being called a PAWN of ‘people in power’ — Thank you very much for pointing that out to me, and to everyone watching your Facebook / IG (Instagram) / YT (YouTube) Live. At
least now it’s confirmed: how you rich and powerful people think of us working class — who have to claw our way to get the proper education to earn a rightful degree, so we can then work long and hard to provide properly for our families.

“But despite our diligence or loyalty, we will never be treated as equals by people such as you or by the ‘people in power’ because we carry no political nor haciendero surname. You know the depths of your powers well enough to be aware that you can put an end to this. You say you want to release the anger, but it seems you bask in it. Or rather you seethe in it, knowing that a mere PAWN chose to speak the truth against the so-called Queen,” he said.

According to Falcis, he has nothing to gain from his fight with Aquino and that she ruined her reputation way before she filed 44 counts of qualified theft against him, for allegedly using her KCAP company funds for personal purchases.

“I merely want to clear my name. I’ve said this before, I say it again: I refuse to be bullied. No Filipino — regardless of economic stature, should ever be. Our family continues to pray that everyone who’ll handle our cases will be truly enlightened, despite the obviously blinding lights of power. No more bullying, let’s end this #Krisis,” Falcis ended using his now trending hashtag.