Local News story – Beach Soccer

For the first time, the San Bruno Lowen 83 Thunderbolts won the U9/U10 Open division of Pro-Am, Beach Soccer’s – SF Beach Classic.

The Thunderbolts head coach and Lowen President, Robert Uy is a Filipino-American attorney from South San Francisco, CA. The Thunderbolts advanced through the tournament winning 5 games and remaining undefeated. In group stage, the Thunderbolts beat the San Bruno Lowen Earthquakes 8-1, Marin FC 6-4, Natomas FA 09B Crimson 4-2 and then Natomas FA Crimson 15-2, before advancing to the finals. Instrumental to these games were Jessie James Gonzales and Logan Uy, Filipino-American players who are the backbone of the team. In the final against, Natomas FA 09B Crimson, Logan Uy scored a hat trick within the first 10 minutes, contributing to his final goal total of 9 for the tournament. The Thunderbolts won the Final 9-5 and were crowned the champions.