Long For Spiritual Milk

Like newborn infants, long for the pure, spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow into salvation—1 Peter 2:2

Peter is encouraging us to depend on our God-given instincts as spiritual infants.  We are to pursue our deep need for pure spiritual food in order to grow into our relationship with God—our salvation in him.  As God accomplishes his work in us through his word, so we must long for his word if we desire to see his work mature in our lives.  Peter tells us that our longing must be like that of newborn infants who long for milk.  How intense is that longing?

When my granddaughter Amelia was five years old, her intense longing to find something to eat led her into her aunt’s kitchen.  Hungry as she was, she asked her aunt, “Can I have some Cheetos?”  “No,” she says, “they’re not good for you.”  “You should have Cheetos in this house,” says Amelia.  “I do,” says her aunt.  “But they’re not for you.”  “My Mom allows me to eat Cheetos,” Amelia says.  “Well,” says her aunt, “I’m not your Mom.” After a short pause, Amelia then asks, “Okay.  Then can I have some popcorn?”

Children, and especially newborn hungry babies, can’t take no for an answer. It’s called persistence.  And our kids know how to wear their parents down until they get what they want.

Infants are born with a want for milk.  They not only want it, they demand it.  They will cry out for it, they will act like they are going to die without it and they will drive you completely insane if they don’t have their milk like right this minute!  If they don’t have their milk now, nothing will satisfy them until they do.

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