‘Lovely, but…’: Cherie Gil comments on Liza, Enrique’s ABS-CBN Ball pose, fans react

Cherie Gil portrayed Luciana, the adoptive mother of Serena (Liza Soberano) and the biological mother of Tenten (Enrique Gil) in ‘Dolce Amore.’ Right-most is Italian actor Ruben Maria Soriquez, who played Serena’s adoptive father, Roberto. ABS-CBN

MANILA — Cherie Gil, the onscreen mother of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil in the 2016 drama series “Dolce Amore,” did not hesitate to call out her “reel life children” regarding a pose they did for a photo at the recent ABS-CBN Ball, eliciting reactions from the tandem’s loyal fans.

The screen veteran, 55, left the comment on an Instagram photo shared by Soberano, where Enrique Gil is seen seated on a chair, with the “Darna” star, on the floor, resting on his leg.

“Lovely, my reel life children,” Cherie Gil wrote, “but next time, you (Soberano) sit on the chair while he lays and kisses the ground you step on. #slay Wouldn’t that be more endearing? #morewiththetimes”

A fan of “LizQuen,” as the onscreen tandem is endearingly called, noticed Gil’s comment, captured it in a screenshot, and shared it on Twitter. “Preach!” the fan tweeted in apparent agreement, tagging Gil’s account.

Quoting the fan’s tweet, Gil said: “I ain’t no preacher. But should I choose to, I think I’ve grown in years to have the right to. Nothing wrong in sharing my thoughts, is there?”

Haha. I ain’t no preacher. But should I choose to, I think I’ve grown in years to have the right to . Nothing wrong in sharing my thoughts is there ?

(note: bakapuedemakuhaang pics niliza at enriquegilsainstagram, yungnakauposilizsasahig with enrique- thanks)

Gil’s own tweet received a stream of comments from fans of “LizQuen,” most of which addressed her as “madame” or “Mama Luciana,” in reference to her “Dolce Amore” character.

Fans mostly welcomed Gil’s advice for their idols, with several saying they could see her point. And while others said they trusted Gil only has the best interest of “LizQuen” in mind, they expressed confidence that the pose is not indicative of the relationship of Soberano and Enrique Gil.