Mayor Sara packs up, ends verbal tussle with VP after call from mother

LIPA CITY,Batangas – “Alam na ng lahat na anak ka ni Rodrigo. Dapatmalaman ng tao na anak ka din ni Elizabeth.” (Everybody knows you are Rodrigo’s daughter. Let the people know that you are also Elizabeth’s daughter.”)

Heeding this admonition from her mother, Elizabeth Zimmerman-Duterte, Hugpong ng Pagbabago chairperson and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte put an abrupt end to her verbal tussle with Vice President LeniRobredo over the issue of honesty in political campaign.

Like her father, President Duterte, Mayor Duterte does not mince words in responding to critics.

Before being advised by her mother to stand down, the feisty city mayor was engaged in a well-publicized argument with Vice President LeniRobredo.

Elizabeth, estranged wife of Duterte, called her only daughter over the phone shortly after the city mayor met Mayor MeynardoSabili, his wife Bernadette, and the estimated 10,000 people that attended the Hugpong senatorial campaign sortie at the Lipa Academy of Sports, Culture, and Arts here.

Mayor Duterte told reporters that she was told to end her feud with opposition personalities and stop acting like a “bully.”

“Sinabirinniya na I should be kind first before anything else,” she said.

Duterte said she is heeding her mother’s advice although she clarified that she was merely responding to the accusations hurled against her by opposition personalities, particularly Robredo.

“So pack up na siInday Sara show. So Sarado na posiya,” the HnP senatorial campaign manager said.

Duterte, who led a group of big bike enthusiasts in a one-hour- ride from Los Baños, Laguna, to Lipa City, had been on the offensive as she assailed Robredo for criticizing her on the issue of honesty in the campaign.

A few minutes before receiving her mother’s call, Duterte sent text messages assailing Robredo’s brand of courage.

Duterte chided anew Robredo, accusing her of hiding behind the cloak of anonymity as they debated on honesty and integrity in public service.

Duterte and Robredo, who may yet face each other in the 2022 presidential race, have been arguing over the honesty issue after the presidential daugh¬ter tried to downplay Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos’s alleged bogus school records.

“A reminder to LeniRobredo: Kapagumatake ka, at sinagot ka ng inatakemo to question your authority to speak on integrity and honesty, do not retreat behind a ‘Robredo Camp’ to answer for you and the argument you started,” said Duterte. “It says a lot about your fake courage.”

In Calamba, Laguna last night, Duterte questioned Robredo’s victory in the 2016 vice presidential race, saying that she remains a “fake vice president” because of the pending electoral protest against her.

“Yung electoral protest; her attempt to copy her late husband, Sec. Jesse Robredo (which) fails; and her refusal to address her relationship to a married man,” Duterte told reporters.

“She’s not honest. We can see that. Everybody can see that,” the mayor stressed.

Since Robredo is incapable of being honest, she should take her advice and give up her dreams of becoming president, stated Duterte.

Earlier, Robredo pounced on Duterte for defending Marcos from accusations that she lied about her school records.

In an apparent jab at the mayor, Robredo urged all candidates to be honest and tell the truth about themselves. She pointed out that lying is an insult to voters.

On Saturday, Duterte said: “The reason why good moral character is not a requirement to run for Vice President is because we have so many LeniRobredo in this world.”

Duterte reminded Robredo not to retreat if the person she attacked retaliates. (Manila Bulletin)