Never too ‘late’ for Janno Gibbs

Janno Gibbs

The 49-year-old singer-actor had a career change recently, signing a three-year managerial contract with Viva Artists Agency, this after being a talent of PPL Entertainment for five years.

“It’s nice to be back,” he said during the contract signing.

In the early ‘2000s, Janno did a number of films under Viva. There’s “Weyt A Minit, KapengMainit,” and the two-part superhero film based on the re-imagined comic book “Pedro Penduko.”

“I feel very welcome here. I’m excited to have Viva guide my career,” he added.

As for future projects, he will do a movie and a concert. He will also soon release an album with Star Music.

On TV, Janno was last seen on “FPJ’s AngProbinsyano” and “ASAP.” He is willing to do more teleseryes and dreams of becoming a director in the future.

What about a back-to-back production number with “SOP” colleagues and now Kapamilya artists OgieAlcasid, Jaya and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid?

Why not, he said. He congratulated Regine for her return to ABS-CBN.

Actually, this move is a sort of a “comeback” for Janno. According to him, he experienced several personal issues before which prompted him to lie low in showbiz.

“We all know that I underwent depression because of my weight gain. I didn’t like what I saw on TV. I felt at the time, instead of paying attention to my performance, people are bothered with my weight. But now that I’m okay—I mean I lost a lot of pounds—I think this is the right time to be active again,” he explained.

Over the course of his showbiz career, he has been labeled as Janno “the late” Gibbs. He himself acknowledged his “punctuality problem” going on to name his Instagram account as @jannolategibbs.

Despite this, Janno made clear it doesn’t happen all the time.

“I’ve learned my lesson,” he quipped. “But seriously, I think the fact that they are still giving me projects and teleserye per se, that means my being late doesn’t happen anymore.”

Family life

It’s no secret Janno and wife Bing Loyzaga had experienced marital woes many years back.

Janno with Vic Del Rosario and Veronique Del Rosario-Corpus

Thankfully, he said, they survived the rough patches because and he and Bing are a perfect fit. The two recently celebrated their 27th year of marriage.

“I admit that our relationship is not perfect. We have highs and lows. But what keeps us together is our partnership. We have dynamics. We do things together,” he said, adding he’s proud of his wife’s projects including a teleserye on GMA.

As for her two gorgeous daughters Alyssa and Gabriella, Janno revealed they recorded a song, which will be out soon.

He also shared Alyssa and Gabriella are both successful in their respective careers as stylist/businesswoman and makeup artist.

“Alyssa has her own clothing line. At the same time, they also pursue their love for music. They write songs then they consult me. We’re very supportive of each other,” he said.