No cause for alarm amid killing of terrorist, blast in Region 8

Policemen check a detonating cord recovered from a house in Laoang, Northern Samar where a bomb exploded PNA

By RoelAmazona 

TACLOBAN CITY — Residents in Eastern Visayas (Region 8) has nothing to worry about after a suspected terrorist was shot dead and a bomb exploded, killing two people in Laoang, Northern Samar.

Philippine National Police (PNP) Eastern Visayas Regional Director Chief Supt. Dionardo Carlos said the two incidents this week do not mean terrorists have already penetrated the region.

Policemen and other law enforcement agencies in the region have been conducting intelligence gathering and monitoring to prevent spill-over of terrorist activities in Eastern Visayas.

“We are doing our best to monitor everything, especially in the southern part of the region to ensure that all threat groups will not able to enter Eastern Visayas,” Carlos said in a press briefing recently.

The ports in southern part of the region including Ormoc City has a link to Mindanao and Cebu, which can be used as possible entry points of terrorist groups.

“We monitor these areas to ensure that all threat groups would not spread chaos in the region. If there is violation of law then we take precautionary measures so that we will not be caught off guard of their presence,” Carlos added.

The PNP official emphasized the importance of citizens sharing vital information to the police to prevent the spread of criminal acts and terrorist activities.

“If they see suspicious people in their area, they should immediately report it to the police station so that we can monitor these people,” Carlos said.

On November 22, joint forces from the Philippine Army 802nd Brigade and PNP-Criminal Investigation and Detection Group killed in Ormoc City Joseph Anulga, alias Dawud, whom the military believed to be linked to the DawlahIslamiya.

He got killed for fighting back during a gun buy bust operation. Anulga was involved in gun-running activities and active in convincing residents of Ormoc to convert into Islam and join the ISIS-linked group, according to authorities.

The military also linked Anulga to YusofMacuto, the main suspect in the foiled bombing at the US Embassy in Nov. 2016 and the Hilongos, Leyte bombing in December of the same year.

Authorities recovered a caliber .45 pistol and improvised explosive device after the incident.

Meanwhile, two people died and two others were injured when a bomb exploded in Bubulosan village, Laoang, Northern Samar on Thursday.

The fatalities were identified as OmeInocentes and Gaga Solana, both from San Antonio, Northern Samar. Those injured are Junjun Donato and NiloCuanico.

Initial reports from PNP Laoang said the explosion happened in a house rented by a certain Dario Ayes. The occupants rented the house for more than four months and used it to make improvised explosive device.

Policemen recovered hundreds of improvised blasting caps, one sack of detonating cord, and time fuse. Carlos said the explosives are possibly for illegal fishing activities and not for terrorist attack. (PNA)