LOS ANGELES – FelsonPalad and his sister Sheena Lee Palad, ‘evangelists and Christ’s missionaries through music,’ have produced an album, ‘In the Palm of His Hands,’ to inspire people, they affirm, ‘especially Filipinos, so they don’t lose hope and cling to the promises of the Lord.’

“It’s only by knowing Christ’s love that we will have the strength to move forward on anything in the world,” stated Felson.

Sheena is a worship leader, singer-songwriter, gospel recording artist, World Championship of Performing Arts multi-medalist of 2016, and a commercial model. Currently, she is enrolled in Saddleback College (Mission Viejo, Orange County, CA) for Associate Degree in Music and plans to go back to the Philippines to share her experience and knowledge gained here in the U.S., particularly in California.

“I sing around Southeast Asia for a Department of the Philippines to promote the country,” Sheena offered. “And I’m also the annual worship leader for the Behold Israel Organization for Israel Youth Tour with youth leader delegates around the world,” she added. (Behold Israel is a non-profit organization led by native Israeli Amir Tsarfati, who says, “Our mission is to provide reliable and accurate reporting on developments in Israel and the region.”)

Felson on the other hand is composing songs and recording more original inspirational music with his sister Sheena. He proudly shared with PNews that he directed Music for Life with One Walker Band featuring Regine Velasquez Alcasid, OgieAlcasid, and Jaya for Academic Excellence Scholars. He writes and produces original songs for ministerial organizations like churches or non-profit organizations. He wrote some songs for plays like ‘Underpass’ and many other Sunday school theatre materials; and directs some concerts and fundraising events like ‘Project Aruga’ for orphaned babies. (Founded on Dec. 19, 2005, Project Aruga is one of the thrusts of the Beautiful Heart Foundation which also cares for the elderly, the sick and the dying.) He helped raise funds for ‘Sagip Yagit 1 and 2’ for street children in Silang, Cavite, in cooperation with the local government through the office of Mayor Omil Poblete.

SAGIP stands for ‘Save, Support And Guide Indigents into Peace, Prosperity, and Pro-active Life,’ while YAGIT means ‘Young And Adult Got, Getting Into Troubles, Tribulations and Trauma.’ Sagip Yagit ministers to more than 200 on-and-off street children and families of the street kids, and also sends to school almost 20 kids from their shelter house.)

‘In the Palm of His Hands’

The most recent album of the Palad siblings, ‘In the Palm of His Hands,’ has five tracks: Gospel and inspirational music with three English and two Tagalog songs. Music arrangement is by JeddiCris Celeste and tracks taped by NDL Recording Studio.

Included in the album are three original compositions: ‘AbotKamay,’ composed and performed by Felson; guitars by Myke Gonzaga and drums by David Anderson. ‘Hold On’ highlights contemporary jazz saxophonist and evangelist Ner de Leon; composed and performed by Felson and Sheena Lee, including vocal arrangement by May Angeles and Ner de Leon. And ‘Muli,’ performed by Sheena Lee and composed by her brother Felson, with RaynardMame as music contributor, mixed by Dante Tanedo, and recorded at Bellhaus Recording Studio.

The two cover songs feature a ‘Sandi Patty Medley,’ performed by Sheena Lee, guitars by Myke Gonzaga and drums by David Anderson; and ‘My Prayer,’ a popular classical crossover song by David Foster, Carole Bayer Sager, Alberto Testa, and Tony Renis, performed by siblings Felson and Sheena Lee, vocal arrangement by Ner de Leon, with guitars by Myke Gonzaga and drums by David Anderson.

“We hope that by listening to the original and cover songs,” said Felson, “we will be able to reflect, be inspired and be encouraged, all for His glory.”

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