PH has fallen deep into China’s traps

It is not just sad but downright tragic that our beloved motherland, the Republic of the Philippines, has now become ensnared in the various traps set by China. Only one person is to blame for this terrible state of affairs – President Rodrigo Duterte.

Mr. Duterte with the connivance of his Cabinet has not only ruined the credibility of the Philippines in the global community with his serf-like attitude towards the Chinese, he has also chosen to turn a blind eye to all the damage done to the country’s economy.

Last week, Mr. Duterte finally spoke out against the intrusion of Chinese fishing boats backed by military vessels into Philippine waters. Specifically, he noted the presence of hundreds of Chinese ships near Pag-asa island, which is well within Philippine territorial waters. But his talk was just that. Meaningless talk. Empty rhetoric.

Meanwhile, a senator spoke up to propose the banning of Chinese laborers in the country after it was revealed that Chinese manual laborers were at work in various private sector construction projects. This, even as the Duterte administration has gotten loan after loan from China for government projects, all of which allow Chinese workers to literally steal jobs from Filipino laborers. The Chinese workers appear in the guise of “technical consultants,” but they have been seen performing manual labor.

Incidentally, Mr. Duterte and his economic advisers have opted to ignore all the warnings regarding the onerous loans that China so readily grants Third World countries which render the borrowers beholden to the military and economic superpower for decades to come.

They will not be around when China forecloses on those loans and grabs Philippine territory as payment. It will be our children and our children’s children who will bear the cross that Rodrigo Duterte placed on their collective shoulders.

Mr. Duterte last week also admitted that his war on drugs was a total failure, as there are now more drugs available in the streets than ever before. Everyone knows where all those illicit subtances come from – China.

Over the weekend, the president again said that he was old and tired and that he would definitely step down when his term ends in 2022. Yet he also threatened to declare a revolutionary government, which is another way of saying he was ready to declare martial law.

We suspect that Mr. Duterte is setting the stage for his untouchable daughter Sara to succeed him. This is the same Sara Duterte who said a few weeks back that honesty was not a necessary trait to serve in government.

How true this is. At least with the Duterte government, being honest with the Filipino people is unnecessary. The incumbent Philippine president peddles the lie that China is a friend of the country and that this mighty neighbor has nothing but good intentions in its relations with our homeland.

Tell that to the countless Filipinos whose livelihoods have been snatched from them by the Chinese. With the full consent of their president, no less. Tell that to the chief executive who has surrendered the country’s patrimony to China. Tell that to the worst president the Philippines has ever had.