Philippine Airlines: The Heart of the Filipino

Some of the crew of PR 104 from left is Jean Alfonso, Maurice Ferre, Patrick Calderon and IanahTecson
Flight Attendants of PR105 San Francisco to Manila from left Pauline Joy De Los Reyes, Sarah Criselle Mendoza, Khriszhan Benedict Artes, Rowena Castillo and Ma. Cristina Gamboa

It all started with Delilah. I am not referring to the Delilah, a woman who captured the heart of Samson. I am actually referring to the Delilah of the Philippine Airlines who in essence captured the heart Of The Filipino People in the San Francisco Bay Area Northern California region. The Delilah that currently manages the PAL office located at 1350 BayshoreHway, Burlingame CA.

As a frequent traveller to the Philippines I share the same sentiment of a regular Filipino family to always look for a cheaper and more economic way to fly. Almost always due to pricing I always end up flying with a different airline. Thereby making the trip a journey of apprehension. It is due to expectations from flight attendants that speak a different language. Luckily there is Delilah.

Delilah is one person who has shown both persistence and patience. Go to any Filipino event and you will see her or her staff proudly displaying the PAL colors. Her meticulous way of dealing with people made her earn my business. So I flew PAL and see for myself if it is really The Heart of the Filipino.

Lo and behold I was blown away. From the moment my wife and I sat on our assigned seat a Flight Attendant who introduced herself as Pauline greeted us with a hearty smile. Rowena, another FA said just holler and I will be there. And indeed she was always there. The service, food and beverage including the on board cinema are indeed truly Filipino. Making my trip truly memorable.

On my Manila to San Francisco trip under PR104 with their Boeing 777 their largest aircraft to date I was again greeted by their friendly FA’s. It is like home away from home.  It was a trip that is no longer accompanied by apprehension. It was now a flight that I will always look forward to. Great chat partners too are flight Purser Becky Puyat and Susan Ramos who both exchange pleasantries to yours truly. Thanks to the persistence of Delilah I am now a fan of the Philippine Airlines.

To all our readers and followers, it is all worthy to note that our very own Philippine Airlines is 1 of only 41 airline company out of more than 400 commercial airline company in the world that has a 4 star airline rating.

I call on our fellow kababayan to fly on our very own. The little price difference will after all compensate for its direct flight and a truly world class standard. Commendable indeed are the vast improvements instilled by current President and COO Jaime Bautista and the guidance of their Chairman Lucio “El Kapitan” Tan.

Go Philippine Airlines. Truly, The Heart of the Filipino. (question:[email protected])