Pinoys in US southeast coast warned vs. Hurricane Florence

Filipinos living in the southeastern coast of the United States have been warned by the Philippine Embassy in Washington DC against the possible effects of Hurricane Florence.

In an advisory, the embassy urged Filipinos to “make the necessary preparations and follow the advice of local authorities” as they coordinate with Filipino-American communities in areas that Florence may hit come Thursday.

It estimated that approximately 150,000 individuals of Filipino origin reside in Virginia and the Carolinas.

According to The Washington Post, all three states declared a state of emergency to prepare for the incoming storm that may become a Category 5 hurricane as the days pass.

Florence upgraded from a Tropical Storm hours after the Philippine Embassy issued its advisory, with The Weather Channel reporting that a strike on the US east coast may happen as soon as Thursday.

Residents in Miami, New York City, Charleston, Jacksonville, and Chesapeake Bay Area in particular were identified as the most hurricane-vulnerable cities along the east coast.

Filipinos requiring assistance were advised to call the Embassy at (202) 368 2767. —Rie Takumi/KBK, GMA News