Pinoys participate in Presidio Picnic 2019

Allison Stone of Presidio Trust and Matt Cowan founder and CEO of Off the Grid

San Francisco’s favorite family picnic is back — Presidio Picnic! It brings together the best of the Bay Area food scene with the beauty of this national park site and views of the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Held on the seven acre Main Parade Ground lawn, this weekly community event, which kicked off on March 31, features food and drink from more than 30+ international mobile food creators representing the best of San Francisco’s multicultural food scene curated by Off the Grid.

But what makes this year’s event special is the participation of three Pinoy foodies and gourmand who all showcase the best of Filipino cuisine with delectable twists that our kababayans and even non-Pinoys rave about. Indeed, Filipino food at its best and finest.

Francesca Palala


Milk & Waffles

Chef Francesca just graduated a year ago and went into fintech sales while letting Milk & Waffles grow organically as a side hustle. Something good happened on the hustle however. She could no longer cope with orders from companies, other salesforce, and its Facebook page was filled with orders too. So, in February, she quit her job to pursue Milk & Waffles full time. She hasn’t looked back since.

Milk & Waffles serves authentic Liege Waffles with imported pearl sugars. Its twist is that each waffle is on a pop with fun toppings like fruity pebbles, Oreo, Ube Ice cream and more!

Julius Santos


Turontastic @turontastic

The world knows so much about lumpia but not as much as its sweet dessert counterpart — turon.

Turon is an all-day Filipino snack made from Saba Banana and Jackfruit wrapped in a lumpia/crepe wrapper, deep fried until golden brown, and glazed with caramelized sugar crunchy shell. Technically, turon is a crunchy crepe or a dessert version of lumpia.

Knowing how Filipinos love this sweet delicacy, this led Julius Calvin Santos to create a more delectable version of it to also cater to non-Pinoys. He used fillings like ube, mango, strawberry-Nutella, and served it ala mode style with more drizzle and toppings. His creation earned the raves of the visitors to a birthday potluck, with one guest exclaiming: “Julius, your turon is fantastic, it’s Turon-tastic!”

It was officially introduced as a product of Coffee Adventure back in 2014 in Milpitas, California. Its launched made a buzz causing people to queue in line just to get a taste of these crunchy crepes. In 2015, Coffee Adventure was invited to guess at the Emmy-awarded Fil-Am Magazine show, Adobo Nation, to feature Turontastic. From 2015 -2017, Turontastic made waves after a back to back “sold out” at the Undiscovered SF food market. Finally, in Q3 of 2018, Turontastic was launched as a solo brand in SOMA Streat Market’s Ube Festival and LumpiaPalooza. New products were also added to level up the snacking experience of its customers. These are the Ube Snow Halo-halo and This is it, Pancit, inspired by Northern Philippines’ Pancit Batil Patong. Customers have the option to choose the type of meat (pork sisig, minced beef, chicken cutlets, or tofu) toppings for the Pancit. Patong, basically means toppings in English.

Gil Payumo and Evan Kidera


Señor Sisig  @senorsisig

When high school friends and Daly City natives Evan Kidera and Gil Payumo first launched their “sisig” business, they only had one truck and no personnel.

Sisig is a Kapampangan dish made from parts of pig head and chicken liver, grilled, chopped, and seasoned with calamansi, onion, and chili peppers. Payumo and Kidera never doubted that this dish would make it in America.

So, the two, at first, did everything and personally manned the grill and line, and employed a single cashier. Sisig was a hit. Today, they run a thriving mobile food empire with five trucks in their fleet, a commissary kitchen, and a dedicated team of 40 — not to mention a legion of loyal fans who line up daily for their inventive Filipino-Mexican cuisine.