Poe files resolution on 4-day work week

Sen. Grace Poe INQUIRER.net

Senator Grace Poe has filed a resolution directing the Senate Committee on Labor to study the costs and benefits of several proposals to implement a four-day work week.

Poe said the inquiry must ensure that these proposals “would neither impinge upon the rights of workers, nor impose unnecessary costs on business and capital.”

There are several proposals to amend the Labor Code to institutionalize a four-day compressed work week to promote business competitiveness, work efficiency, and labor productivity

“These proposals, if enacted into law, would result in 40 to 48-hour work weeks,” said Poe, chairman of the Senate Committee on Public Services.

Employees would have three days off and would be provided overtime pay if they work for more than 48 hours a week.

Certain offices in the private and public sectors are already implementing a compressed work week scheme through an advisory issued by the Department of Labor [DoLE].

“There is a need to consider the concrete costs and benefits of such proposals and to take into account the actual experience of those who are actually implementing it,” Poe said.

These proposals, she said, must ensure that the proposed compressed four-day work weeks “must neither compromise the rights of workers, nor impose an excessive burden on businesses, nor create a perverse incentive for firms to lay-off workers due to additional costs.”

“In addition to the possible benefits for both labor and capital, a compressed work week, when combined with innovative solutions such as telecommuting, may ease traffic and congestion in major urban centers by reducing the number of employees who will be on the roads,” Poe said.