POTUS’ All-Out Assault on a broad range of issues: Climate change still remains prominently despite global cooperation on its significance

As early as Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the presidency, it required breakneck speed for him to turn back a half-century of environmental protection in the United States



News reports have not set aside the work of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) that has taken the Trump Administration to Federal Court.  Thus far, it has found itself “engaged” in close to 70 lawsuits.

The welcome news is how the NRDC has succeeded in “scoring victories” in 22 (twenty-two) cases among the 26 (twenty-six) that have already been resolved. Currently, the same

organization’s conscientious forces are described as “battling the president in court to save our national monuments.”  Other all-important efforts include how NRDC is involved in

“defending the nation’s Atlantic and Artic coastlines from oil and gas drilling…and how it has moved fast to protect endangered wildlife.”

It was learned how the aforementioned organization “will stay in court until our environment is protected.”  What a gigantic cause the NRDC has taken!  That same approach should not be taken for granted.  Among the steps is one described as “Standing Strong for Environmental Rights.” Well-known experts in the field are undertaking the case in Washington, and before nationwide agencies. The goal is to continue “maintaining strong regulations” meant to “protect the country’s climate, clean water, and unspoiled wild places.”

A formidable plan is considered most worthy: to continue testifying against all attempts to roll back the aforesaid goals.

“When President Trump does shred our environmental standards, we will see him in court,” has been underscored to protect the steps already in place, “to stand strong for

environmental rights.”

Fortunately, the rapid response team has achieved a sense of success in “exposing new anti-environmental schemes” the moment they are hatched up by the Trump administration.

The media has been furnished with “instant analysis of the potential impacts on our health and environment.”

A web feature named Trump Watch by NRDC has worked hard in tracking “every new attack on our environment,” and “we’re disseminating the damaging facts to news outlets and activists nationwide,” the organization announced very recently.

Interestingly, NRDC has continued in its call called “Rallying the Resistance,” and described their work as “building a wall of impassioned opposition…. millions of people strong

to any Trump policies that put corporate profits before people and nature.”

What is so encouraging is the resolve of NRDC in joining forces with “progressive allies, both inside and outside the environmental movement.”  The latter’s incentive is gaining

strength in their pronounced efforts “to make the president pay a steep price in public opinion for doing the bidding of America’s biggest polluters.”

The theme, “Protecting Frontline Communities” has announced how an environmental justice team will be “litigating on behalf of the hardest-hit communities,” described as those

“that stand to suffer most from both pollution and President Trump’s pro-polluter policies.”

Most encouraging to learn is a future step that is meant to keep intact all funds in promoting environmental programs.

“If the president and Congress slash funding for the enforcement of environmental laws, NRDC will step into the breach,” has been announced as the same office’s armor.

The fight for environmental protection has indeed become global and observed keenly as gathering more vigor and strength.

Such comments aired by NRDC have resulted in gathering numerous positive reactions. “We can’t afford to lose the rest of Trump’s term while threats like climate change, ocean

pollution, and wildlife trafficking grow ever more dire.”

Nationwide, numbers of NRDC’s experts are identified as “building momentum at the local, state and international levels, including the ground in China, India, Europe and Latin


The aforementioned information has been so encouraging as progress continues to move forward despite what has been keenly observed: “even while Donald Trump occupies

the White House.”

In summing up what has been achieved thus far, NRDC has described how President Trump has responded to the organization multi-faceted efforts.

“President Trump is moving at breakneck speed to turn back a half-century of environmental protection in America,” as announced by  Mitch Bernard, NRDC’s Chief Counsel.

The call for cooperation from all members of the U.S. citizenry grows louder and stronger with each passing day.

Hope springs eternal.  A query has been asked by the NRDC officials: “Will Trump and his pro-polluter cabinet get away with their outrageous attacks on our environmental


The very response needed today from the same question raised:  “Not if we unite and fight back now.”