PPC holds Induction & Inaugural Ball and Holiday Celebration

The Pangasinan Presidents Club (PPC) USA, club of past presidents of towns and cities organizations from Pangasinan, held its second Induction & Inaugural Ball and Holiday Celebration last Saturday, December 15, 2018 at the Best Western/Grosvenor Hotel in South San Francisco, California.

Jose S. Esteves, former mayor of Milpitas, California, inducted the incoming executive officers, namely: Rod T. Andres, Executive Chairman; Jose Pepe Rosario, Executive Vice Chairman; Evelyn B. Ramirez, Executive Secretary ; Marita N. Padilla, Treasurer; Lito A. Lavarias, Assistant Lavarias; Bernard P. Valdez, Auditor; Emma F. Torres, Assistant Auditot; Bob B. Baltazar, Regulatory Board Chairman; and Alvin R. Padilla, Regulatory Board Vice Chairman.

Rod T. Andres, Executive Chairman and past President of the Binalonan Association of Northern California (BANC), inducted the following head of standing committees, namely: Judith Fornoles, Ways and Means; Chris Y. Torres, Membership; Ben L. Bibat, Sports, Recreation and Cultural; Merle Rabelas and Cynthia Almeron, Press Relations Officers; Damazo L. Prestoza, Constitution and Bylaws; Jose S. Esteves, Parliamentarian; Fred T. Almeron and Jose S. Esteves, Advisory Council.

The Inaugural Banquet and Ball was ably handled by Marita N. Padilla, Executive Co-Chairperson and Arsie Valdez, Executive Co-Chairperson with Merle Rabelas as Master of Ceremonies.

During dinner Bob Sampayan, first Filipino Mayor of Vallejo, shared a special message to the PPC membership and guests, which was read by Art GabotMadlaing, Real Estate Broker, accredited Notary Public, former Publisher of Philippine Examiner and now columnist with Philippines Today and Philippine News. Here’s excerpts of the message of Vallejo Mayor Bob Sampayan:

“For many years, Filipinos have been a silent group in the Bay Area. Our voices, which are many, demand that our needs as residents be heard and respected. Filipinos are part of mainstream America and represent a large portion of doctors, lawyers, dentists, police officers, firefighters, clergy and many honorable professions. We are also business owners, catering to the needs of our communities. Many Filipinos are in government positions, from School Boards members and City Council members to Mayors, State Assembly members and the California State Supreme Court Chief Justice.

It is time to be a part of the decision making process. As such, I encourage all of you to become involved in your community. Look for ways to make life better for you and your City. Volunteer, run for public office and become active in shaping the future of your city.

“We, the Filipino community of the San Francisco Bay Area, are proud of who we are and what we represent. Show our pride by becoming involved.

Congratulations to the inductees and may your event be successful. From my wife, Ramona and me, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.”