President Duterte dismisses cancer issue

President Rodrigo RoaDuterte shows a document while answering queries from members of the Malacañang Press Corps following the oath-taking ceremony of their newly-elected officials at the Malacañan Palace on October 9, 2018. KING RODRIGUEZ/PRESIDENTIAL PHOTO


MALACAÑANG — President Rodrigo RoaDuterte on Tuesday, October 9, announced that his medical exam result turned out to be negative from any illness.

The Chief Executive gladly entertained the media’s questions about his health condition during the Malacanang Press Corps’ (MPC) newly elected officials oath-taking ceremony here at the Heroes Hall.

When asked about the result of his medical examination last Wednesday, October 3, he said, “It’s negative. They had a suspicion but they had this specimen taken out from both the esophageal tube and somewhere here. Hindi pa ako cancerous so do not be afraid to go near me. I will not contaminate you.”

He then clarified that it was not his colon that is damaged but his esophagus. He said he has been diagnosed with Barrett’s Esophagus which is caused by severe Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).

“It’s not the colon. It’s my Barrett. Dito ‘yan. It’s badly eroded because I was told to stop drinking years ago, but of late, bumalikkasiako,” he explained.

President Duterte said that it was his family who urged him to retake the medical exam a month ago in Davao City.

“A month ago, I was telling you the truth that I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy in Davao City. Apparently, my doctors here were not really convinced so they had a retake and that was that. Tapos okay naman. Okay as in okay. And I will show you. I will drink again. Maniwalakadiyansa doctor,” he said.

“Walanamansila suspicion. They just want a retake. Nothing serious actually angnasagot. They said, ‘If you have time.’ And there was no other time except I had to do it in a jiffy,” he added.

Before the media interview, the new officers took their oath of office: Christina Mendez (MPC President), Joseph Thaddeus Morong (Vice President for Television), Henry Uri (Vice President for Radio), Jocelyn Montemayor-Reyes (Vice President for Print), Cristina Jose (Secretary), Evelyn de Jesus-Quiroz (Treasurer), MaricelHalili-Gahol (Auditor), and Leo Palo III and Chona Yu (Sergeants at Arms). (PCOO)