Photo shows Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia of California’s 58th
Assembly District awarding  #PRIDE 58 plaque of recognition to Philippine
News contributor Dan E. Nino  for his “positive impact and civic engagement” in the 58th Assembly District — at her Downey District office on March 7. The 58th Assembly District encompasses parts of southeast Los Angeles County including the City of Cerritos  where Mr. Nino resides, has been represented by Assemblywoman Garcia since 2012. Mr. Nino was a former president of Eclectic Dialectics Toastmasters Club #3828 of Cerritos, CA and former president of Granada Park Homeowners Association of Cerritos.  Mr. Nino was also the former president of Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity Alumni Association of Greater Los Angeles and former president of Pangasinan Brotherhood-USA wherein he has rendered various community services around Los Angeles County. Assemblywoman Garcia’s spokeswoman RidaHamida who took this photo informed Dan thru e-mail, “I’m humbled to inform you that you will be awarded by Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia for your tremendous and selfless service to the community.” Witnessing the presentation is Myrna E. Nino,
Dan’s wife.  Dan was nominated by former awardee, Cerritos City commissioner Doris Iglesias.