Queries from readers

Is eating eggs totally safe?

Egss have been around for eons, even before man discovered they were edible. In many households around the world, eggs have been a routine part of breakfast. One of the concerns about eating eggs (yolk) is its cholesterol contents, the reason some health conscious people eat only the egg white. One Harvard report about 5 years ago states that the choline in eggs (126 mg per egg) may induce and aggravate inflammation, the initial process in the causation of most, if not all, illnesses, including cancer. A new study of more than 1000 men with early stage of cancer of the prostate “found that men who consumed 2 and a half or more eggs per week – that’s just like one egg every three days – had a two-fold increased risk of cancer progression and an  81% increased risk of lethal prostate cancer.A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the Cleveland team who did the famous study on carnitine fed research participants  hard-boiled eggs instead of steak, and found that the egg-eaters had a spike in the level of carnitine, choline, and lethicin (same TMAO compounds found in red meat) and increased risk for heart attack, stroke, and death. Although our DNA is unique and there are other factors in our make-up in play, the inference in these recent studies should make us more cautious.

How much alcohol is healthy?

A couple of decades ago, the medical recommendation was not more than 2 drinks for women (zero for pregnant ones) and not more than 3 for men. This usually referred to wine, preferably red wine. Pinot Noir was the favorite for its high resveratrol (cardio-protective) content. More recently, studies have asserted that there is actually no safe level for alcohol consumption. Your physician, who is familiar with your health, could expound on this matter and advise you accordingly.

Why did you write soft drinks are toxic?

Soft drinks (which I call liquid candies) are all toxic to the body, especially for children, because consuming them increases the risk for metabolic syndrome. Soft drinks, over time, cause drinkers to have high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, heart attack, stroke, and even increases the chances of cancer development. If we, as parents and guardians, are not preventing our children from drinking these toxic beverage, then we are contributing to their unhealthy behaviors, illnesses, and premature death. The book on healthy lifestyle and disease prevention from the cellular (DNA) level, entitled Let’s Stop “Killing” Our Children (philipSchua.com, amazon.com, central.com.ph) expounds on this subject.

Is vaping (e-Cig) a better alternative?

Vaping (vapour products) or use of electronic cigarettes, is advertised as the healthier option to smoking tobacco. This almost 3 billion-dollar industry around the world, up from $4.2 billion five years ago, has the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom as its largest markets. The e-cigarette devise contains nicotine-based liquid which is vaporized and inhaled, as in smoking, is a dangerous alternative to conventional cigarette smoking. Its fumes are like second-hand tobacco smoke that causes cancer among those exposed to that smoke. One of the hundred harmful chemicals in vaping is formaldehyde, a known carcinogen (cancer-causing agent). Studies have shown that switching to vaping (to help in quitting cigarette smoking) only prolongs the nicotine habit and definitely a deadly option.

How did the USA measles outbreak start?

The recent measles epidemic is a resurgence of the very virulent, rapidly transmissible, disease in the United States since the year 2000, when CDC declared “measles was eliminated in the USA.” The current outbreak was attributed to travelers who brought measles back to the USA from Israel, where there currently is a massive epidemic. These infected individuals transmitted it to unvaccinated and under-vaccinated communities in New York State. From January first of 2019 to May 10, 2019, there were 839 cases of measles confirmed in 23 States, an increase of 75 cases the week before. Measles are potentially deadly from complications causing encephalitis (brain inflammation). MMR vaccines are very effective in preventing measles. It has been proven not to cause autism, and declared safe by the CDC.

Are expired drugs unsafe?

According to the United States military studies on expired drugs, most drugs are still potent even after reaching, and beyond, their “expiration” date. The only exceptions are vaccines, tetracycline, nitroglycerine, insulin, liquid antibiotics. Their potency, according to the military studies, “may decrease over time, but much of the original potency still remains even a decade after the expiration date.” Drug companies are mandated by a 1979 US law to stamp an expiration date on medications, a date at which they can guarantee the full potency and safety of the drugs. The US military, with a massive and expensive stockpile of drugs, did a comprehensive study to prevent waste, and “found 90 percent of more than 100 drugs, prescription or over-the-counter, were perfectly good to use even 15 years after the expiration date.” Keeping medications refrigerated helps prolong their potency.

What in weed killer Roundup causes cancer?

The World Health Organization reported in 2015 Glyphosate, the main in Roundup, causes cancer. In August last year, a jury awarded $289 Million to a man after he was diagnosed to have Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, following repeated use of Roundup weed killer. The claims against Bayer and Monsanto, makers of Roundup, were based on its failure to warn consumers about the risk of using their product. A California elderly couple who used Roundup for years each developed Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was handed an unparalleled $2.055 billion verdict against Monsanto. This herbicide is also linked to kidney disease, infertility, diabetes, Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis, liver disease, leukemia, brain, lung, testicular, thyroid cancers and birth defects. All chemicals (car and home air fresheners, disinfectants, cleaners, detergents, etc.) we have at home are real hazards to health. Their use also pollutes our environment (air, land, and sea), the air we breathe, the food and drink we ingest every day. Safer and cheaper alternative: ½ cup white vinegar, 1 pint alcohol, and 1 teaspoon dishwashing soap, plus water to make a gallon of spray for general cleaning (not for granite, varnished hardwood, or anything made of rubber).

Philip S. Chua, MD, FACS, FPCS, a Cardiac Surgeon Emeritus based in Northwest Indiana and Las Vegas, Nevada, is an international medical lecturer/author, and Chairman of the Filipino United Network-USA, a 501(c)3 humanitarian foundation in the United States. Websites: philipSchua.com and FUN8888.com  Email: [email protected]