Rachelle Arizmendi ‘One of the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World’

SIERRA MADRE, CA – The Filipina Women’s Network (FWN) has selected Rachelle Arizmendi, City Council member and former mayor here, ‘One of the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World.’ She is the first Filipino and non-white in Sierra Madre’s history to hold a City Council seat.

She’s also Vice President/Chief Operating Officer of Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment (PACE), a non-profit community development organization, founded in 1976, serving over 50,000 people every year in the areas of job training and employment, business development, early education, asset building, and energy and environmental services. She served as director for 16 years.

The Gala Awards Ceremony at the 15th Filipina Leadership Global Summit will be held on September 12-17 at the historic St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in the heart of London, United Kingdom.

The annual Filipina Leadership Global Summit brings together some of the top and most influential Filipina women business owners and professionals from around the globe to create a networking pipeline through reciprocal relationships. The speakers chosen for the summit are at the top of their game sharing their experiences and insights on how they became successful, how they turned their success into significance and what it means to be relevant to society as an influential woman in today’s business world.

The summit raises funds for FWN’s programs to raise awareness of FWN’s pipeline development of qualified next generation leaders to increase the odds that some will rise to the ‘CEO-suite’ position so Filipina women can be part of decisions and policies made that impact the lives of women and families.

“The Global FWN100™ women are dynamic entrepreneurs, rising stars under age 35, practitioners, behind-the-scenes leaders, community, government and corporate managers and executives who have moved through the ranks in large organizations, nonprofits, and government agencies. They are inspiring examples of women doing extraordinary work who will motivate our youth to become future leaders,” said Marily Mondejar, CEO of the Filipina Women’s Network.

“I am honored to be amongst fellow esteemed awardees from 25 countries,” expressed Rachelle. “I congratulate FWN for recognizing the work of Filipina women across the world and their work in nurturing the next generation of leaders,” she added.

The Filipina Women’s Network is a San Francisco based 501 (c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan international advocacy organization that seeks to increase the power and influence of Filipina women as leaders and policy makers at all levels in corporate, government and institutions to achieve economic and social justice, and women’s rights. With members in 28 countries, FWN provides the content, credibility and a worldwide network to support the success of Filipina women in their businesses and careers.

“Rachelle Arizmendi is now a valued partner in helping FWN develop the Filipina community’s pipeline of qualified leaders,” stated Dr. Maria Beebe, FWN’s board chair, “to increase the odds that some will rise to the ‘president’ position in all sectors of the global economy. The summit is where smart women are sharing the secrets to their success and inspire each other. The 2018 awardees’ leadership stories become part of the largest recorded Filipina women diaspora in modern times.”

Rachelle is receiving award category ‘Policymaker and Visionary Award’ which recognizes Filipina women leaders who have demonstrated exceptional business acumen combined with a forward-looking vision in the development of influencing policies, campaigns or laws that impact business, industry, and society; leaders who enrich the lives, careers and businesses of others by sharing the benefit of their wealth of experience and knowledge; and take actions that significantly change how we think and live. Rachelle was selected from an outstanding field of nominees from around the world.

“Each nominee goes through a vetting process with the Selection Committee composed of previous global awardees,” explained Thelma Boac, chair of the Global FWN™ Awards. “They were selected based on the size and scope of their positions, influence in their industries and their communities, board affiliations and other leadership roles.”

The Global FWN100 Award™ recognizes 100 women of Philippine ancestry who are changing the face of leadership in the global workplace, having reached status for outstanding work in their respective fields and are recognized for their achievement and contributions to society, femtorship (female mentoring) and legacy.

The Global FWN100™ Award™ is a working recognition award with a meaningful purpose – FWN’s 2020 Vision: a Filipina woman leader in every sector of the global economy. The awardees are asked to re-invent themselves by femtoring a young Filipina woman through the FEMtorMatch initiative `and bringing her to the Filipina Leadership Global Summit in September 2018, in London.



“Actually,” confided Rachelle, “my full name is Rachelle Sumagaysay Pastor-Arizmendi.

Born in 1972 in Carmel, CA, she grew up in Salinas, CA. Her parents Franklin Felipe Pastor and Ofelia Sumagaysay Pastor from Laoag, Ilocos Sur, immigrated to the United States from the Philippines, in 1970. Rachelle holds two Bachelor’s degrees from San Diego State University and a Master’s of Science degree in Family and Consumer Science from Eastern Illinois University. She earned her Registered Dietitian status and became a certified Nutrition Education Specialist. She’s an Adjunct Faculty member at the Pasadena City College teaching Nutrition classes.

Rachelle was appointed to the Community Services Commission in 2009. In April 2014, she won her election to the City Council and served as mayor. In 2016, Rachelle was one of L.A. County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich’s Women of the Year awardees. In 2017, she served as Mayor Pro Tem, and was recognized by the Southern California Leadership Network as one of their top 30 alumni during the last 30 years. She was also one of California Assembly member Chris Holden’s Women of Distinction awardees. On April 10, 2018, she was re-elected Council member of Sierra Madre.

Rachelle, her husband Fili, and their dog Madison became homeowners in Sierra Madre in 2006, the same year they were married. In 2007, Sierra Madre, which is 16 miles northeast of Los Angeles, also known as the Village of the Foothills, was awarded as an ‘All-American City.’

In her spare time, Rachelle enjoys traveling, playing tennis, staying active, country dancing, reading, and entertaining.